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Saté Truck, Two Indonesian Food Trucks in Northern Virginia, from the Owners of Satay Sarinah

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I heard from Satay Sarinah. They're renting out commercial kitchen space to prepare food for their trucks while looking for another permanent space for their restaurant - signs like this are usually an indication that ownership is serious about reopening, so this is good news.

In the meantime, supporting these trucks is the same as supporting the restaurant, so if you enjoyed the restaurant, keep an eye out for Saté Truck (and note the variation in the spellings of Satay and Saté).

They also told me that if you enjoy authentic Indonesian food, to follow not only @SateTruck on Twitter, but also @SambalDC.

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I've bought food from an Indonesian food truck (hangs out often downtown Metro Center area, i think the truck is painted white perhaps) and it was pretty bad. Gloopy, salty, the kind of food truck food that is interesting for the first 2 or 3 bites and then quickly goes down hill (a problem with many of DC's food trucks in my experience)

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