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Saturday Night Live - The Exhibition, SNL Exhibit at 417 5th Avenue in Midtown East Run by Premier Exhibitions, Inc.


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In June 2015, I visited the Saturday Night Live - The Exhibition. It was quite thorough. However, it was overpriced at $29 per person.

This is a privately-run venture by Premier Exhibitions. Bill, do you know if it's an attempt to be a permanent museum, or a flash-in-the-sky tourist-entertainment venue - something similar to a Broadway play?

My impression, based on ten minutes of internet research, is the latter.

Premier Exhibitions' website says:

Premier Exhibitions, Inc. (NASDAQ: PRXI), is the leading provider of museum-quality exhibitions throughout the world and the recognized leader in developing and displaying unique exhibitions for education and entertainment. In early 2012, the Company acquired Arts and Exhibitions International bringing unprecedented opportunities to further develop the finest quality exhibition and entertainment experiences.  Our mission is to captivate, educate, and inspire large audiences around the globe through compelling stories that utilize authentic objects and artifacts, in diverse and unique environments.   

In addition, Premier Exhibitions, Inc. wholly owned subsidiary RMS Titanic, Inc., serves as the exclusive steward of RMS Titanic which tragically sank on April 15, 1912. The Company is dedicated to preserving the legacy of the Ship, wreck site and all her passengers and crew through educational, historical, scientific and conservation based programs and Exhibitions.

So I'm guessing that as long as it's profitable, it's a go, and when the crowds thin underneath that thin break-even line, it will desist. Do you have any thoughts?

Note that PRXI is publicly traded on the Nasdaq, so it's absolutely in this to make money. In other words, if you're a dyed-in-the-wool SNL fan, GO NOW - that would be my guess.

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