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Need Recommendations for Fallbrook, CA

Kibbee Nayee

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Son-in-law is getting married in Fallbrook in July, and yours truly is picking up the rehearsal dinner for a few dozen people. I have been in San Diego (too far), and I want to find a nice place in Fallbrook itself. I'm looking for a definitive suggestion or two from people who have been there or have family there. Yelp and TripAdvisor are useless sources of information.

Such a place will appeal to a cross-section of palates, but Kibbee Nayee likes to push the envelope a bit. The criteria starts with (1) not a chain, (2) good quality, not ridiculously expensive, (3) very popular with locals, but not necessarily millennials, (4) fresh local fare, and (5) worthy of italics on donrockwell.com.

Is there a wannabe Michelin one-star out there?

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