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Delivery in West Springfield or Burke


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Several months ago we moved to the West Springfield/Burke area of Fairfax County.

This coming Friday I am scheduled to have shoulder surgery.  I am told that I will be out of commission for several weeks, unable to cook, drive, or much of anything else requiring two hands.  In preparation, I have been cooking a lot of soups, stews, and chilis this month and freezing them in individual serving sizes.  But, my freezer is small and it will only go so far.  To supplement, MrB will procure rotisserie chickens from WF and carryout from our favorite kabob place, Flame Kabob.  However, MrB will also be travelling for business quite a bit and I'm wondering about delivery options in the area.  I looked at GrubHub and didn't see any restaurants I recognized.

Can anyone suggest any restaurants that do offer delivery in the area?  Or, any that are on GrubHub (or other delivery services) that you would recommend?



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Margarita's Latin Grill (Salvadoran food) in the Burke Village Center says on their website that they deliver. My husband and I have eaten in and gotten takeout from this restaurant and we like most of their food. It's fresh and cooked well, and reasonably priced. The menu on the website is annoying, because it's broken up into categories and has strange background colors, but it's worth wading through that. HTH

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