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Compass Rose Bedouin Tent


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I didn't know what that was so I looked it up.

Seems like a good deal: $70 for food, $100 if you do the drink pairings.

From their website:


Welcome to the Bedouin Tent!

bedouin tent at compass rose dcThis Bedouin Tent's inaugural dinner is an all Moroccan menu in honor of the country who inspired the design. But Compass Rose is about traveling the entire world. So about 4 times a year we are going to change the menu and use a different country or region of the world as inspiration. The country will change with the season. The menu will always be a set, multi-course meal with optional drink Pairings that we recommend you go with if you're drinking. Our house drink lists will always be available a la carte.

Why a Bedouin Tent?

Co-owner Rose Previte went on a crazy Sahara Desert trip while in college and slept in a Bedouin Tent, rode camels and went to amazing markets. When she looked at the under-utilized back patio of Compass Rose she knew it had to be covered to be used all year round. So why not make it a North African style tent? It is a homage to the covered markets that inspire both the design and menu of Compass Rose as well as a reminder of a life changing trip that set the stage for a lifelong love of travel.

How Many People Can Attend?

Reservations are for 6-8 people.

Please remember, the reservation has to stay between 6-8 people. When we call to confirm your reservation, the number you give us is final and you can't change it anymore because that's how many people we're cooking for.

What If I Have To Cancel?

We have to have a cancellation policy so you must cancel 72 hours before your rez to get the deposit back

We will call you a day ahead to confirm your reservation and answer any questions you may have.

Can I Make Any Special Requests for Particular Diet Restrictions?

Unfortunately, the nature of this type of dining makes it impossible for us to accommodate food allergies. But we will have a list of ingredients ready as well as a knowledgeable server.

Can I See A Menu?

We don't post the menu because it's going to change regularly depending on Chef Molavi's mood (kidding-we mean inspiration!) and what's available locally. We will tell you that everything is served family style.

How much does it cost?

$70 for our specialty menu, private space and personal server for the whole time. $30 more for our chosen drink pairings. Tax and gratuity is in addition. This price is subject to change when we make menu changes but we'll always have the current price quoted.

What If I Have Additional Questions?

You can call us with questions but you have to make the reservation here! Email is always better for questions too.

How Do I Reserve my Table?

Reservations will be available a month at a time and you can reserve your table online by clicking here.

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Just went and covered last night their new "Tour the World" option in the Bedouin tent...amazing.

Rather than focusing on one specific country like they usually do, new chef Angel Franco just sends out dishes from the regular menu (along with plates of specials that the kitchen is testing out to put on the menu). Your only role as a diner is to tell them when your group is full; if you like something, order another plate or two of it. Server gets a list of allergies, likes, and dislike to start, and is happy to pair alcohol with the specific plates. Seems like most groups will have no problem hitting over 20 countries in the course of a meal. Very intimate setting, and a great time. Cheaper than the regular one-country option, too - just $60 per person.


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