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"Scalia/Ginsburg," (2015) a Comic Opera in One Act - Music and Libretto by Derrick Wang


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Antonin Scalia. He was an absolute gentleman when I met him, and very gracious towards my nervous self.

In memory of Justice Antonin Scalia (Mar 11, 1936 - Feb 13, 2016)

Forget politics, Justice Scalia was a man of honor, and I'm certain that Justice Ginsburg is grieving mightily today, as the two were dear friends who attended operas together. From the Wikipedia article:

Scalia enjoyed a warm relationship with fellow Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, considered a member of the court's liberal wing, with the two attending the opera together, and even appearing together onstage as supernumeraries in Washington National Opera's 1994 production of Ariadne auf Naxos

"Judicial Differences Take Center Stage in 'Scalia v. Ginsburg'" by Nina Totenberg on npr.org

"'Scalia/Ginsburg' Opera Underscores How Opposites Can Be In Harmony" by Mark Swed on latimes.com

"Justice Ginsburg's Spin On A Supreme Opera, 'Scalia/Ginsburg'" by Jess Bravin on blogs.wsj.com

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Just about a year ago Nina Totenberg hosted a discussion with justices Scalia and Ginsburg at Lisner Auditorium.  Although both justices were trying not to be overtly political, there were eruptions of clearly partisan clapping from the audience.  Ms. Totenberg politely asked the audience to not engage in this kind of "tit for tat" behavior, and the audience complied. I had thought that civilized discussion was a thing of the past. What a fantastic night that was. I left with a tremendous amount of respect for all three of them. 

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