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I originally put this in the Stephen Curry thread, but given that Kyle Korver may not get quite as many posts going forward, why *not* pay him his due? After 13 NBA seasons, Korver has averaged a reliable 10 ppg, and turned out to be a rock-solid second-round draft pick in 2003 - his NBA statistics are here.


This isn't *that* big of a deal, considering whom we're talking about, but still, it's a record. Obviously, this could end at any time (Curry could get injured 3 minutes into a game, for example, but it also wouldn't surprise me all that much if he kept extending the record for a long time - we're in new territory here):

"Stephen Curry Matches NBA Record with 3 in 127th Consecutive Game" on espn.go.com

It's interesting that he shares the record with 6'7" Kyle Korver of the Atlanta Hawks, who also holds the single-season record for 3-point FG%: a remarkable 53.64% in 2009-2010. Last season (2014-2015), Korver also recorded the 9th-best single-season 3-point percentage in NBA history - only 8 seasons have featured percentages over 50% (Steve Kerr has 3 of them), and Korver just barely missed it last year. Incredibly, Stephen Curry's best season is only the 61st-best in NBA history - yes, you read that correctly: Even Curry's revolutionary 2015-2016 season doesn't crack the top 40 (he's currently shooting 46.1% - you see all these highlight films, and they make him look like a God, but the truth is that Curry's missing almost 54% of 3-pointers he's taking this year ... I think it's a given that this season, Curry will set records for both 3-pointers made, and 3-pointers missed, and both records are going to be by a wide margin.)

Question: obviously, Curry has taken the 3-point shot to new levels of importance, making it a "go-to play" rather than just a "gimmick" (it wasn't quite a gimmick, but now teams seem to be building their entire offenses - and maybe even draft-pick strategies - around the 3-point shot) but still, why isn't single-season 3-point percentage given more credit than it gets? I'm willing to bet very few casual NBA fans even know who Kyle Korver is.

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