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Alobar - Chef Greg Profeta's Riffs on Comfort Food on Vernon Blvd. and 47th Avenue in Long Island City

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Alobar draws from the hipster playbook - low-key come-as-you-are vibe, all sorts of reclaimed stuff, mismatched furniture, old timey lighting, open kitchen, chefy riffs on comfort food.

Fortunately they do it well.

Baked Huevos Rancheros was a bowl of chorizo, eggs, blacks and rice, with a side of tortillas and avocado slices.  A couple splashes of hot sauce was all it needed.

Graceland Toast (brioche, peanut butter, and caramelized bananas) and Wild Mushroom Toast (Sunny Side Egg, Smoked Ricotta, red wine onions) kept the vegetarians more than happy.

Slices of freshly baked raisin bread were enjoyed while deciding on entrees.

The only disappointing item was the weak Bloody Mary.

Alobar is conveniently located two blocks from MoMA PS 1, so if you find yourself in this part of Queens, I would recommend, especially for brunch.  

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