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Miriam Restaurant - Chef-Owner Rafael Hasid's Israeli Neighborhood Standby in Park Slope

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Miriam Restaurant is a cozy, low lit neighborhood restaurant along the 5th Avenue stretch of Park Slope.  A place to catch up with a friend mid-week or when you don't feel like venturing out of your neighborhood for dinner.  Apparently the brunch is very popular.

We arrived near closing time after taking the train to NYC, not overly hungry but needing a snack and drink to dust off Amtrak.  We went with the basics, hummus, falafel, and fried zucchini cakes.  Everything was solidly good, the hummus could have used a little kick and the falafel were nicely fried, while the zucchini cakes were fine without being memorable.

Miriam is the sort of restaurant every neighborhood needs, the local work horse where you know what you like and probably end up ordering the same handful of dishes over and over again.

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