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The Los Angeles Lakers (1960-), 2019-2020 NBA Champs - Western Conference, Pacific Division


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It almost hurts to see the Lakers at 12-51 this season, after going 21-61 last year. Still, they're a championship franchise, and they'll be back, eventually. I hope.

Today, I happened to be looking at the 2003-2004 LA Lakers. Their four leading scorers in points-per-game were:

1. Kobe Bryant

2. Shaquille O'Neal

3. Gary Payton

4. Karl Malone


For those of you who are counting, these four account for:

1. 56 NBA All-Star Games

2. 32 All-NBA First-Teams

3. 21 All-NBA Defensive First-Teams

4. 9 NBA All-Star MVPs

5. 4 NBA MVPs

6. 4 NBA Scoring Champions

and ...

7. 120,660 Points Scored (Kobe will add some more to this figure by year-end)

Consider that only 5 players in NBA history have scored over 30,000 points in their careers, and these 4 averaged over that amount!

This is truly awesome; however, the four played in only 20 games together that season - Malone went down with a knee injury, and Bryant was distracted by legal issues. Nevertheless, they got to the NBA Finals, losing to the Detroit Pistons in a series that featured a match-up between two ex-Clemson standouts, Horace Grant and Elden Campbell (well, I won't say it "featured" the match-up; merely that it existed).

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