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Bar Hill Gin - a Honey-Infused Gin Made by Caledonia Spirits Distillers in Hardwick, Vermont


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The other night I was wowed by a gin and tonic using Bar Hill Gin, a honey infused gin from a small distiller in Vermont, Caledonia Spirits.  If you favor cocktails with infused honey this is flavorful, light, nicely balanced, and a real treat.  I've long been a fan of alcohol either honey infused or cocktails with a honey syrup.  In fact at a well reviewed restaurant this was my favorite part of the meal.  Before posting I checked and didn't see mention of this gin version, which clearly falls into the Old Tom Gin classification.  Prior to posting I also read through this review and series of comments from the Gin is in blog.

I found only the scantest taste of Juniper, as the honey element was far stronger but not nearly overwhelming.  A very nice blend from my perspective.  Meanwhile a gin and tonic loving cousin did not find it representative of the G & T's she likes and is used to...so I'd have a slightly different take on it from some of the review comments via Gin-Is-In.  Another way to put that is I'll have to try a few more cocktails to see if I can pull out the Juniper elements-- ;)

Its for sale in the region.  I for one will probably hit that bar again for a Bar Hill Martini and possibly some other experiments before buying a bottle.  Look forward to it.

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I like this, too, but so far have only enjoyed it on the rocks. It felt too different from normal gin to work in a traditional gin cocktail for me, but maybe it's worth trying. Definitely recommended it on its own, though.

I first tried this as a free sample from the distillery at the Burlington farmers market. Yes, they can do that up there. :)

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