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"Duck and Cover" (1951) - Anti-Nuclear Propaganda Animation Film Featuring Bert the Turtle


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I can't tell you how thrilled I was to see an African-American student at 1:34.

I lived through this in the late 1960's and early 1970's - yeah, we had drills where we had to crawl under our desks. I'm now 54, and still remember them, plain as day.

At 3:50, the batter hit a bitchin'-high pitch. Give that fan a contract!

All of this is not unlike telling school-children that a bomb could go off, wherever they are, be it Tysons Corner, or Potomac Mills.

They always portrayed it like it *would* happen; not like it *might* happen.

The information to "duck and cover" away from glass is good, solid information, but is all this really worth it? Scaring and scarring children for the rest of their lives?

Why did they use a cartoon to demonstrate the possible effects of an atomic bomb, instead of actual footage from Hiroshima or Nagasaki? How about, "Here's what happened when we decided to nuke the Japs?"

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