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Reflecting on Kareem's basketball career drives nostalgia in my case.  Sort of astonishing its been over a quarter of a century since he last played...and assuming he was able to reduce all his functions and efforts when Magic Johnson and others joined the Lakers its probably been 35+ years since he played like the most overwhelming most dominant person in the NBA.  That is a long time.

 I still recall the context of the power and titanic competitiveness of Chamberlain vs Kareem(then Lew Alcindor) battles in the early 70's.  Those were memorable matchups.  Those highlights have been uploaded in this forum.  The biggest forces in the game, visually playing with all their energy, one against the other.  That was powerful competition.  One thing has always surprised me.  Nobody ever replicated the skyhook.  It's only been the most effective shot in the history of the game.  Kareem started to develop it as a kid with the most basic of drills.  It can't be rocket science.  You'd think ONE big 7 footer would work on it for a few years.  It would probably add 10 points to his scoring average and 10 years to his career.  If one freaking half way decent 7 foot center in the league developed a shot like that...he'd be the ultimate small ball killer.

Meanwhile Kareem has become this very interesting outspoken and intellectually interesting person in his later years.  Good for him. 

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