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I want to congratulate my comrades, friends, and yes, our fellow DR members Tom Sietsema and Todd Kliman for both winning James Beard Awards for writing two evenings ago. 

Tom won a long-overdue award for his ongoing Washington Post serial "America's Best Food Cities," and Todd won the MFK Distinguished Writing Award for his article "Pork Life," published in Lucky Peach

Although equally happy for both, I'm particularly happy for Tom because of all the work he's put in for the James Beard Society over the years - it's very gratifying to see him take home the equipment after coming so close for so long. And yet, when Todd was on the stage, I'm quite certain he knew that his recently departed mother was up there with him - he's had a difficult year in coping with personal loss.

Just as I will never be worth ten million dollars, I'm genuinely happy for my friends who are, assuming that's what they want. I've accepted that I will never win a James Beard Award or be recognized for my work during my lifetime, but I'm still genuinely happy that both Tom and Todd were, and hope they win more in the years to come, truly.

We should all congratulate them - they both have helped to put Washington, DC on the nation's food map, and these awards are the pinnacle of recognition that a food writer can achieve - the equivalent of winning an Oscar for someone working in Hollywood films.

What *I* want to know is: Where did you two celebrate? :)

Kind regards,

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