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Anything and Everything is fair game as a thread in the Open Forum - from the dramatically important, to the esoterically trivial. Please don't write anything *only* to test my limits as a moderator - the restrictions will be what they've always been since this community's inception - with some more open rules:

1) No discussion of religion or politics, unless its based in an educational, historical, or sociological context, which should *always* be the case; 2) No gratuitous profanity, unless it's rooted in artistic, literary expression - no word is off-limits here, within context; 3) No one-liners unless they are funny enough to make the Laugh Committee laugh; 4) No meta-posts, i.e., posts about posts, unless they're seeking clarification from your fellow poster who is your *friend here*, no matter how much you disagree about something; 5) No post questioning moderation decisions - these should be addressed to the forum moderator (me, for now) as a PM, and will be taken seriously, not simply brushed aside, and 6) No personal insults of any type, including about your fellow posters in the community, and also about people being discussed, no matter who they are or how bad of a thing they've done. For example, it's fine (encouraged) to discuss the gravity of an issue itself, but not to call the person a name, or make inferences about their character - if the issue is so terrible, things will be self-evident anyway.

Posts in the Open Forum will be moved to the proper forum (many of which may not yet exist), merged (if needed) into the proper existing thread, and titled and tagged so that they'll be easily findable within that forum, both by search engines, and also by individuals reading the indexes. Just as I do with the Washington, DC Restaurants and Dining Forum, I will make every effort to produce good, quality titles that take your hard work seriously and reflect the fact that these are to be permanently archived. My job is to serve you.

For now, the Open Forum is only for Members with 1 or more posts (I stress that real names are not required, but they are strongly encouraged and much appreciated, always lending authority and credibility to posts). 




The Open Forum can have as many threads as people wish to post; or, it can have one thread, if people wish to keep adding onto it. All posts will be organized in the best possible way to locate them in the future - they'll be moved (to a brand new forum if necessary), titled, tagged, and indexed so that search engines and readers can find them quickly. This is really nothing we haven't always had, except that now, there isn't a single thing people can't discuss. 

Consider this an "entry point" into the donrockwell.com archive, a preservation system to organize, preserve, and curate your hard work permanently. That might sound a little ominous, but few things are more frustrating than to have hundreds, if not thousands (or even tens of thousands) of posts disappear into the ether, forever, when a company goes out of business. That's not going to happen here - your efforts and writings will be here for your unborn great-great grandchildren to see. All the more reason to keep things on a high level - in the year 2300, your descendants will be reading about what you did, or what you thought, or what you wanted to write about, today. It's a beautiful form of posterity, and the greatest possible gift you can give to your progeny (other than money, that is). :) This is one very powerful reason that I encourage people to use their real names, but as always, that is not going to be a requirement because I understand that some people wish to maintain their anonymity.

This is also my gift to the human race. Even to me, that sounds lofty to the point of pretense, but ... I also believe it's true (otherwise, I couldn't keep going).

Have at it - I look forward to the challenge, if there is to be a challenge: I hope to serve you well.



"There's something about Don Rockwell, Captain."

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