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BAB Korean Fusion, The Choe Family's Quick-Serve Korean Fusion on 14th and H Street NE

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I've been meaning to start a thread on this for a while, but then Tim Carman's review today spurred me into action. I have been convinced for the past few years that this spot, directly on the SW corner of 14th and H, right next to Tony's Breakfast, would never open. There would be construction, and then it would stop for months. They'd appear suddenly close to opening, and then there'd be no action. The sign itself was actually up for I think at least a year before they finally opened earlier this year. 

I've only been there once, so Tim's review is much more comprehensive, but we enjoyed it. We much preferred the bulgogi over the spicy chicken, and by far preferred the house veggies to the backyard veggies. It's affordable, it's something different for H Street, and it's finally open, so I'm happy. 

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