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2001 Le Macchiole "Paleo"


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So I got duped into buying this confectionary feline-acided joy-juice from Carolina Wine Company - $65. It doesn't "suck" so much as that it doesn't not suck. It's too sweet, with acids only in the high treble register. I'm sorry, but if this is what's passing for cutting-edge Super-Tuscanitis these days, I'll gladly take a blueberry-liquor anesthetized tonsillectomy instead. This wine has garnished raves and huge "point scores" (whatever that intellectually dishonest, lunkheaded, buffoon-perpetuated concept is worth) by both The Wine Spectator and Steve Tanzer's journal. It isn't so much "laughable" as it is a testament to the triumph of marketing using reviews by supposed "experts," and the susceptibility of the consumer to be swayed by the same.



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