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Jim Palmer was mentioned in a NYTImes article the other day.  He is 70 and covers the Orioles for MASN.  Once though he was the Orioles best pitcher and is in the Hall of Fame.  Some of his accomplishments:

  • Won 186 games in the 70's, most games of any pitcher  in the 1970's.
  • 8 seasons of 20 wins or more
  • 3 Cy Young awards
  • 268  wins, all with the Orioles
  • and other assorted accomplishments.

Palmer was also well known for his many arguments with his manager, Earl Weaver.   If you don't know about Palmer from his present or his past ball playing accomplishments he was also a national advertising model for jockey underwear!!!!

It is also argued that Palmer could be the most overrated pitcher in history.  The Orioles teams he pitched for probably had the greatest defense in all of baseball history, starring Brooks Robinson at 3rd, Mark Belanger at SS, and Paul Blair in Center Field.  Maybe.  I still enjoyed watching the O's in those days and Palmer's high kick pitching motion.


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