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The Etymology of the Word "Glitch" - Could It Be From Mad Magazine?

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"Glitch" now means "a bug in a computer program," but when I was growing up, it was the onomatopoeia that Don Martin, a cartoonist for Mad Magazine  used when someone stepped in a pile of dog doo.

Does anyone know if this is the actual etymology of the word "glitch?"

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1 hour ago, Al Dente said:


Nov 4, 2013 - "The Hidden History of 'Glitch'" by Ben Zimmer on visualthesaurus.com

Don Martin must not have coined it, but he was The King of Onomatopoeia:

"The Don Martin Dictionary -- Alphabetical Listing" on madcoversite.com

I have a stack of old Mad Magazines I just went through, looking for a Don Martin "Glitch," but couldn't find one. Then, when I stopped, and starting reading their movie satire of "Chinatown" (Mar, 1975 issue #173), I found this (the artist was Mort Drucker):


NB - For those unfamiliar with the film, that's Roman Polanski making a cameo.

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