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Food Chemistry

Joe H

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As a jock, nerds are my bespectacled mortal enemies. Monsieur This, however, is glassesless and upstages Harold McGee with “Révélations Gastronomiques” (not in English yet) by combining scientific properties and respective weight-measured recipes, offset by culinary anecdotes such as the heptagonal efficiency of turned vegetables and relevant historical quotations/ references from les big fromages: Brillat-Savarin, de La Reynière, Carème, Bras...McGee.

Virtually every cookery technique, property and method - emulsions, yeast, butter, starch, eggs, fats, puff pastry, protein coagulation, mousses, searing, poaching, braising, micro-waves, civet, brining, infusing, pastry dough, baking... are explored, explained and demonstrated with each composed dish. Far more practical toilet read than McGeek’s “On Food and Cooking” for tangible executions, and without the shame of Henri Miller.

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