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In the past week, I've received 4 10 km eggs - 3 out of the 4 I've hatched have been Mareeps. Thanks, Pokemon - just what I needed after grinding it out for 3 hours in your Apr 15 event.

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When they talk of Pokémon, what do they mean by "bulk?"

Also, I understand this is essentially "Rock, Paper, Scissors," but what are the best attacking legendary Pokémon? (I'm thinking of using some rare candy to power up, and need to decide between a 93.3 Articuno, an 88.8 Kyogre, and an 88.8 Latias.)

One other question that is a bit more complex (*): I have an 86.7-IV, Level 30 Tyranitar with a Bite (Dark) / Stone Edge (Rock) move set. Apparently, you want to have either Bite / Crunch (both Dark) or Smack Down / Stone Edge (both Rock). If I use a Quick TM, I'm guaranteed to get the latter; if I use a Charged TM, I have a 50% chance of getting the former. If this sounds like a no-brainer, it's made more complicated by my already having an 84.4-IV, Level 28 Tyranitar with the former - is there any wisdom to gambling on the best Dark move set, so I can have one with the best Rock move set, and another with the best Dark move set; or do I play it safe, and have two with the best Rock move set?

Have any advanced players here *not* found Discord? I read the "South South Arlington" channel (here's a list of NoVa communities), and these folks are seriously hardcore - if it wasn't for them, I'd have my Mewtwo (via a chance EX-Raid Pass), but wouldn't have made the connections needed to get other legendary Pokémons - if someone really wanted to, they could participate in numerous legendary raids each day (I wouldn't recommend participating on Discord unless you've advanced to at least Level 30 - you can certainly read it, but I wouldn't write a whole lot because these people are quite knowledgeable and devoted). You'll know when it's time to stop lurking and start participating - it's a very friendly group.

(*) - Never mind: That question is flawed - one of the South South Arlington players reminded me that Smack Down was an Event-only fast attack, and can no longer be attained. (Thanks, Teeeeeeeacup! I gambled with a Charged TM, and got Bite / Crunch on my first try.)

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