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Sunrise Caribbean Restaurant, on Georgia Ave and Jefferson Street near Brightwood, with an Outdoor Market at Union Station

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1 hour ago, jeffmhunt said:

Planning to check out the outdoor market at Union Station tomorrow and looking for recommendations. Does that location have the same menu as their Georgia Ave location?

The pictures make it look like something of a kiosk, so I suspect it's a subset of the offerings, with most hot foods kept in steam tables (but that's just a guess) - a lot of Jamaican food is long-cooked, actually improving as it sits in warmers, and the Brightwood location appears to serve many things from steam tables as well.

One thing that piques my interest is that their "locations" page has a map of a location in downtown San Francisco, and I'm wondering if that was just an oversight by the web designer (it's possible that there's something called "Union Station" in San Francisco, and they just didn't check carefully). 

Do note they have a Twitter page with some announcements about the Union Station offerings. One of their tweets says that they deliver.

Note also that the Union Station market is open Apr 1 - Oct 31, Mon - Fri from 7 AM - 7 PM.

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