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Dining in Columbia

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Gonna have dinner with my brother tomorrow night and we're thinking of meeting in Columbia (he's coming from White Marsh/Baltimore, I'm coming from Frederick, and my wife is coming from Silver Spring/Rockville). I've been searching for anything other than a chain but can't seem to find anything. Any suggestions? Price-wise, we're looking for more mid-range ($15-$20 for an entree).

Without your intervention, we may be doomed to Clyde's.

Can you live with that on your conscience?



P.S. Ellicott City (historic or not) would be a fine place to steer us instead.

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And old, old friend of mine -- we were on the same little league team and in the same Boy Scout Troop together in the early 70s -- runs a well regarded and insanely popular joint called The Iron Bridge Wine Company. I have only been there once, but the food was pretty good and runs about the range you're looking for. The best thing, though is an excellent wine list, with all bottles (which surround you as you are seated) available for something like $10 over retail.

The worst thing is that there can be quite a wait. So, you might call first and check. (Drop my name and see what happens. Ask for Steve [Wecker] and tell him that "Chuckles" sent you) :P

Cafe de Paris is supposed to be pretty good, as well.

Seems like there was a thread on this,but I can't hunt it down. Maybe MHBerk is around.

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Mango Grove - Vegetarian Indian place. I prefer Woodlands, but I know some Indian folks who really like it.

Akbar Restaurant - another Indian place, but not veg

Pho Dat Thanh - same plaza as the Indian place, my friend's uncle owns it

An Loi - another Vietnamese place, but I've never been because well, discounts at the other place

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If you don't mind strip-mall casual (and I'm talking you walk up to the register and order, then wait for your food while sitting in a plastic booth), try Trattoria E Pizzeria Da Enrico in King's Contrivance Village Center. They've apparently opened a second branch, but this is the original, and it was good as recently as a year ago.

Agree with Enrico, as well as all of synaesthesia's choices.

Down by the waterfront (near the mall), if you don't want Clyde's, the Chinese restaurant (Jesse Wong's) and the sushi joint (Sushi Sono) are both excellent.

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Well, I could pull up any of these comments, but, when you have an SIL from Omaha, Nebraska, who cannot tolerate "spices", well then, you are SCREWED. I mean, she can't even tolerate Old Bay in her crab cakes, which, BTW, we will be having for Xmas dinner. I will be bringing some very nice Champagne and some cole slaw to contribute to the festivities, but PLEASE, think of Dame Edna and myself while you are in church giving thanks, or whatever.

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I live in Columbia, but I do not eat out very often. I haven't been, but Ananda in Maple Lawn continues to have a good reputation.


People are also very excited about the new Uncle Julios at the Mall. (just kidding :) )

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