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Cha Kim Phung Bakery - Sidewalk Stores in Eden Center - Bánh Mì, Real Fruit Smoothies, and Lightly Sweet Cakes

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The other day, I tried the meatball (xiu mai) banh mi at Kim Phung bakery.  I usually get my baguettes there but they give me the stink eye when I just buy a couple of baguettes.  Verdict:  not bad.  The meatballs tasted okay but they were cold.  They put the meatballs in the baguette and then into the toaster oven for a while. Then they add the veggies and sauce. However that just warms up the bread, but the meatballs are still cold.  When I got home, I took the meatballs out and microwaved them and put them back in the sandwich.  Much better that way.  I really like their baguettes.  Some other banh mi places use what seems to be supermarket sub rolls.

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