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Khana - An Indian Claypot Grille in Burtonsville on Old Columbia Road - Near Cuba de Ayer

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I have been getting my Indian delivery fix from this place and it's very good.  I have never been to the spot and don't really know where in Burtonsville it is, but it's delicious.  Deliveries have been prompt and accurate


Garam masala wings should be a thing everywhere.  They should come with raita without asking, which they might but I ask for extra raita every time so I don't know.  The naan is as crisp as you could expect from delivery.  I bet it's great dining in.

I had never heard of Chicken 65 but I guess it's a thing.  A delicious spicy breaded chicken nugget thing here.  Curries are great, with various choices of rice, chickpeas, salad, etc for various charges or not.

Lamb curries have been excellent.  Tons of food for the money but also delicious.  Samosa and pakora are pretty standard but the standard is good.

As important as anything, the gulab jamun is great.  I love a small bite or two for dessert without being weighed down in price or calories.  Some Indian places can't get this right, but it's good here.

Without throwing any other local indian delivery under the bus, this is the one to get by far.  They are on grubhub but not eat24, which is great because you aren't accidentally encouraged to give yelp 2 bucks.

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