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Kabaddi, a 4,000-Year-Old Sport, Originating in India, Mixing "Tag" and "Wrestling" - 2016 World Cup Champion is India


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Imagine a 4,000 year-old sport which mixes tag and wrestling and you have Kabaddi.  If you are having trouble picturing that, then I give you the highlights from the 2016 World Cup  final won yet again by India.

Wiki describes the sport thus:  The teams take turns sending a "raider" into the other half. To win a point, the raider must take a breath, run into the opposing half, tag one or more members of the opposite team, then return to their home half before inhaling again. The raider will chant "kabaddi, kabaddi" with their exhaling breath to show the referee they have not inhaled. The raider will be declared "out" and will not gain the point if they inhale before returning to their side, or returns without touching an opponent. The tagged defender(s) will be "out" if they do not succeed in catching the raider who tagged them. Wrestling the raider to the ground can prevent them escaping before they need to inhale.

Needless to say the US is a Kabaddi neophyte and did not have a good tournament at the 2016 World Cup. 

USA 15 Iran 52

USA 19 Japan 45

USA 29 Poland 75

USA 22 Thailand 69

USA 19 Kenya 74

This year, the Patna Pirates defeated the Jaipur Pink Panthers to win India's Star Sports Pro Kabaddi league, while in the women's division the Storm Queens out touched the Fire Birds 24-23 to take the title.  A hearty congratulations to the Patna Pirates and Storm Queens.

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