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Da Tomasso, Red-Sauce Italian American at 8th Avenue and 54th Street in the Theater District


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On 11/3/2016 at 3:24 PM, Steve R. said:

Well, I can tell you that the Theater District is not exactly a culinary hot spot for home cooking.  However, these are the places that I remember being "good enough", with the type of old stool red sauce menu that you're looking for:

Da Tommaso

Carmine's: (family style food meant for tourists/theater crowd, but actually pretty okay - one plate/3 people, that's why the prices are as they are)  

Now, if you want to go a little out of the area, there's Monte's. This place has been there forever and I'm always surprised that I like it as much I wind up liking it whenever I go.  And, also in the West Village, there's Piccolo Angolo which I've always liked.  Both places will try to upsell you but stick to what you like on the menu & it'll be exactly what you want.  Both are very easy to get to from the Theater District.

And, if you want to venture out of Manhattan, Parkside in Corona Queens is the place.

Didn't want to head down to the Village, so stuck with Da Tommaso.

Very happy with it...baked clams, veal parm, linguini with white clam sauce...all exactly what I was looking for.

Short walk to the theater, so that worked out well too.

I'll have to try Piccolo Angolo when I have a bit more time in the city to compare.

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