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Ottoman Kitchen, Turkish with Halal Meat in the Former Chicago Dawg House Space on Willard Road in Chantilly

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I hadn't seen anything on them so I thought I would give them some press.  They have been open since this summer and we've been twice.  Both times we got the Donner and the Boregi and both times it was quite good.  Service was also quick and helpful and the owners were willing to answer questions about the menu.  If you are in the area give them a try.  I don't see them that crowded and I want small places like that to succeed.

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8 hours ago, arlingtonkabob said:

We've got another Yorktown High fundraiser coming soon. I'll post the flyer up by this Friday. 

Ottoman Kitchen is having their one-year anniversary on Apr 18, 2017, and is giving away one free dessert with the purchase of an entree that afternoon.

It's in the same shopping center as Willard's Barbecue, and the spits of kabob meat are more in the spirit of Yia-Yia's Kitchen in Beltsville than the typical, solid blocks of processed meats you usually see. 

Definitely a no-frills kabob house, but one with much higher-quality meats than the norm (and they deliver - see their website).

Like ulrath, I was in a near-empty restaurant, and I encourage people to support this small business.

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