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Odd Pies, Emily Truman's Delicious, Home-Based Pies in Lancaster, PA

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21 hours ago, kitkatpaddywak said:

Here goes nothing..

Bear with me & my excitement in stirring a new following toward South Central Pennsylvania Dining 

Stay tuned for my first review!!!

I am currently in a state of euphoria induced by the most wonderfully crafted pie by Emily Truman, of Odd Pies. The suspect, a malted chocolate pecan pie. She doesn't offer these pies regularly, but she should. It was a gift to be able to indulge in her offerings. 

To serve in her inspiration for her pie confections, she looked to the owner& founder of  the famed Four& Twenty Blackbirds in Brooklyn, NY.  The crust of the pie was perfectly flakey, and filled with a sinfully stickiness of chocolate pecan. Traditional pecan has been elevated to a new standard. I don't think I can return to eating any other rendition.

 I am thankful for Emily Truman of Odd Pies for making this holiday extra delicious!!

Please look her up on both Instagram, oddpies. You are welcome.

>••< kat


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