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Onto Aziza... I would actually order you to RUN not walk

I forgot to add this after my recent trip, but Banana Splitter is right. Go to Aziza.

Beautiful room and beautiful cooking. $42 gets you what has to be the best tasting menu value West of Komi - a lentil soup, several mezzes for the table, bisteyaa, and your choice of entree and dessert.

I'm not too familiar with this cuisine, so it is hard to compare - but this was refined but very flavorful cooking. Many "ethnic" places are either a little too rustic or dumbed down. This came off as well chosen ingredients cooked with a sure hand.

My advice to people coming from out of town to DC is to go to Zaytinya because it is something you can't get in a lot of places. Aziza works in the same way on a much more intimate level. I don't know know of anyone serving food like this here.

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