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On 8/24/2018 at 1:23 PM, curiouskitkatt said:


  With so much area to cover, I wish there was a guide of sorts for Pop-Ups.  A directory if you will of upcoming pop ups in the Mid Atlantic region. Is there any out there in DR land that has an affinity for this style of dining,  like myself? If so,  how do you  find them, and how often do you go? Is it just a matter of following the local dining scene to see where I pop up next?


Q: Pop-Up Restaurants
Hi Tom-- Do you know of a website or blog post that aggregates current pop-ups, celebrity chef nights, or limited run restaurants? I think it would be interesting to try out some of these, but I often only find out about them by happenstance or not at all. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
A: Tom Sietsema
I don't know of one such curator for special events, but Eater DCWashingtonian and thelistareyouonit do a good job flagging some of what you are looking for. 
I feel seen. Viva La Pop -ups. 
FYI, I did not post this question, but am happy that it was included in today's chat.

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