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Google's "Live Search" Information about Restaurants' Being Busy


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Just learned that google search will tell you if "some" businesses are busy RIGHT NOW!!!   (live information).  So I tried it myself.   Our office ordered in from the nearby Cheesesteak Factory in Clarendon, and since its a large place I searched in google for CheeseCake Factory in Clarendon...and sure enough on both mobile and desktop there is a LIVE representation of how relatively busy a restaurant, or a super market might be (I tried Trader Joe's in Clarendon also).  Here is the live data from a desktop.  (It showed on a mobile also)

Is your restaurant busy right now.gif

Well its handy information.  OTOH, if your business is NEVER busy I don't think you want others to know about it.   If its always busy, you don't want competitors to know about it.  If you are looking for a quiet or a crowded place to go its helpful information.  If you are concerned about privacy, well google is tracking you via the location connections on your mobile, and this isn't the happiest news about just how capable they are of tracking you and others.

But its currently out there.  BIG BROTHER IS HERE!!!!!

Also as of right now it is NOT capturing live data for Earl's Sandwiches of Clarendon:

Is Earl's of Clarendon busy on a Wednesday afternoon.gif



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