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Moonlight Cafe, BYOB Italian on Carlisle Road - Dover

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On 11/28/2016 at 8:51 PM, kitkatpaddywak said:

"Spoon Fed" on susquehannastyle.com

I've got a lot of eatin' to do.

Thankful for spandex.


45. Moonlight Cafe

Incredible.Charming.. Courteous.Warm. Delicious. 

These are are just a few words to describe my new fav place to eat. I knew I was in for an great meal when I was seduced by the aroma of sauted garlic as I  was parking my car. 

Moonlight Cafe is a tiny cafe in Dover, Pa that probably seats roughly 40 people at one seating. The size of the dining room is propably smaller than your average Doctor's office waiting room. The kitchen is open,so if you are lucky enough to be seated close to the kitchen , take it. Two whirling dervishes, disguised as highly proficient cooks knock out rapidly incoming tickets like a well oiled machine. 

Everything is prepared a la minute. I ordered the Veal Piccata, and watched the chef dust the veal and saute it just minutes before it arrived to my table. perfection. Briny capers dotted all throughout the dish with the brightest lemon sauce coating perfectly a dente spaghetti. But wait, what did I start off with? 

I know its well past summer ,but I could not resist ordering the Caprese salad. The star, the mozzarella. I was expecting buffalo mozzarella, but was pleasenty surprised by what I got instead. If I didnt know any better, I would say they used ricotta salata. Mozzarella ++ as I refer to it. It had a saltiness to it, that I found to be yummy. Rather gourmand term for crazy delicious. The plate was finished off gluttonously with torn basil, and drizzled with a sweet Balsamic reduction. Superb!

the desserts naturally delivered a sweet ending to a rather perfect, rustic Italian meal. A slice of Limoncello spongecake.

The only missing detail would have been to finish with an Americano. But I do not think they had a Cappucino machine. all in all a most pleasant meal. Ill be back, many times over.

Bueno Appettito!!!


I would have included a photo, but max mbs wont permit it. 


Edit:  Im not sure how I missed it, but they do in fact serve espresso based beverages! Perfection!!!

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