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Federalist Pig - Pitmaster Rob Sonderman Comes from DCity Smokehouse - Now in Adams Morgan

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18 hours ago, Ericandblueboy said:

I was the first person to order today but I got disappointing brisket and ribs.  Both were overcooked and underseasoned.  The staff was solicitous - asking how things were.  I said very good even though things weren't good at all.  Is there anything I could have accomplished by telling the truth?  Lots of food tossed away.

I love the brisket here, but I always ask for it moist.  Maybe that helps? My go to order is always brisket and brussel sprouts...

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I did ask for moist brisket.  There's plenty of fat but there's a layer of meat that's just tough to chew (same with the top layer of the ribs).


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