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Dalessandro's - Famed Cheesesteaks and Hoagies on Wendover Street and Henry Avenue in Roxborough

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On 12/20/2016 at 9:14 AM, Dr. Delicious said:

I'll be in Philly next week, and am eager to hear any other thoughts. I'll also make sure to post my own. My current plans are to hit Dalessandro's and Jim's Steaks South St.

Well, I was hoping to report on 2 cheesesteaks during my 2 day trip, but unfortunately only managed one. Damn relatives. Anyway, we went to Dalessandro's upon our arrival to the area. The place is small, counter on one side and long tables on the other, with an aisle in the middle for people to place and pick up orders. We showed up during the lunch rush, and it was sort of a shit show. By the time I made it to the counter to order, told them it was "for here", the person taking orders yelled down to the waitress at the counter, and had us stand aside waiting for stools to open up. People get their subs, eat, and leave, so it didn't take long for even 5 seats to open up. We were clearly tourists and noobs, but there was none of that bullshit about how you're supposed to properly order a cheesesteak. I had selected this particular place because I read they chopped up their steak quite a bit. I ordered a cheesesteak with onion and mayo. I did not specify cheese, wanting whatever the house usual came with (also, I thought it was cheesesteak 1 of 2, and so thought I had a wiz opportunity ahead of me, alas). I was served a large sub, 12 inches (?), with very finely chopped steak, American cheese mixed in, topped with chopped (tho not finely) grilled onions, on an excellent piece of bread (and mayo). I eagerly took the first bite and... burned the roof of my mouth, hah! I was not to be denied, however, and plowed through that sub like it was my job. It was everything I hoped it would be. The service at the counter was excellent, with multiple soda refills and several inquiries into our well being. There's also a wide variety of condiments and accoutrements on the counter for people to use as needed. Note: cash only.

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