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Hirshhorn Gallery Talks - Elevated Lectures By and About Artists and Exhibitions, Often on Fridays


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I was going to post this as a reply to "Orchids: A Moment," but decided instead to make it a separate topic, as the Hirshhorn's "Gallery Talks" are important events, with regularly changing material. 

These are often referred to as "Friday Talks," as they're often (perhaps even usually) on Friday afternoons, but not always. 

One of these in particular which relates to the orchids exhibit is on Jan 27, 2017: "Orchid 101."

I know a few people who are orchid enthusiasts, and you won't meet a hobby or a passion, anywhere with more devoted followers. To many, orchids are no different than dandelions; to orchid lovers, they are as important as fine wines, and the level of detail in which they show an interest is no different than memorizing the locations, boundaries, slopes, and micro-climates of Burgundian vineyards.

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