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Cold, Steamed, Cleaved, Chinese Chicken


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17 minutes ago, iamhydrgn said:

Regarding the 'Three Brothers Spicy Chicken'....it is served cold, to include seemingly cleavered wings/legs, in a bright red chili oil-based sauce.  Chicken appears to have been steamed or boiled for this particular plate...not a seared or crisp skin texture.  Will run into some bones, as well.  Certainly tasty, and worth a try, but it may not be everyone's proverbial cup of (green) tea.  

On another note....what is it about the eggplant w/ garlic sauce that garners such rave reviews?  I typically get take out from HKP - perhaps the texture or flavors muddle during transport?  I've given it two tries, but simply don't understand the fuss here.

You know, I just don't love cold, steamed, Chinese chicken, no matter what the prep is. I like it, but I don't love it, and it's one of the few things I actively avoid - maybe because it's often served at refrigerator temperature rather than "slightly warm," and the fat (whatever's not strained) seems to stay slightly congealed and I'm not a big Chicken Fat guy. 

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