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"Vexations" (c.1893), by Erik Satie, Performed by John Cale, John Cage and Others for over Eighteen Hours in 1963, and Again in 2017

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On 1/18/2017 at 10:55 AM, Al Dente said:

Cale performing one of his Velvet Underground tunes:

From "The GTO's" regarding "Miss Cynderella" (who married John Cale in 1971). Maybe he insisted on performing "Vexations" for her once too often?

  • Miss Cynderella (also spelled Miss Cinderella) was born Cynthia Sue Wells (later Cynthia Cale-Binion) on January 26, 1952, in Los Angeles, California. Wells married John Cale of Velvet Underground in 1971, but the marriage was rocky, and they divorced in 1975. Cale's song "Guts" opens with the line, "The bugger in the short sleeves fucked my wife" (referring to Kevin Ayers' sleeping with Cindy in 1974).[2] Cindy died under “mysterious circumstances”[3] at age 45 on February 19, 1997, in Palm Desert, California;[4]however, her death was not widely reported until 2007, when Pamela Des Barres mentioned it in her book Let's Spend the Night Together (where she inadvertently listed the wrong death year).

The GTOs' only album, "Permanent Damage" (1969), was produced by Frank Zappa.

The lyrics to "Guts" - this guy sounds angry.


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