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Brian R

Southern Skies Coffee Roasters, Small, Artisan Roaster in Finksburg - Featuring Mail-Order Coffee Beans

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Just wanted to give a shout out to Southern Skies Coffee Roasters.  Two employees, including Beto, who is a member of the community here. Ordered a couple of pounds of Costa Rica Tarrazu that I have French-pressed for a few days now and have really enjoyed it.  City roast, not overly done.  Seems to be the only coffee available right now. 

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I hated to move this topic, but Finksburg is in Carroll County, which resides in the Baltimore Forum. Nevertheless, I've heard nothing but *great* things about Southern Skies Coffee Roasters.

This little manifesto by Jeff Givens mirrors *exactly* what I think the best wine makers in the world are doing. It assumes that the maximum potential of grapes (or in this case, coffee beans) has been achieved in the vineyard (or, in this case, plantation), and it's the winemaker's (or in this case, roaster's) job *not to screw it up*.

I've been urging people to subscribe to Qualia Coffee's mail-order coffee bean program instead of wasting their money at Starbucks, but I would just as soon subscribe to Southern Skies' program as Qualia's - please give it a try. You'll be drinking the best coffee of your life within days, every day.

I absolutely *love* what Jeff Givens has to say here:

Screenshot 2017-01-23 at 09.44.15.png

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Oh wow. I just got back from being off the grid for a week to see such a nice post. Thanks for the effusive praise!

It's true, I do believe that great coffee starts with great beans that have been grown and processed with an emphasis towards quality over production yield. If anyone wants to discuss coffee or has questions about anything coffee-related, I'm all ears!

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