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"A Day Without Immigrants," Feb 16, 2017 - Restaurant Strikes around the U.S.


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Restaurants, schools close in 'Day Without Immigrants' Protest, by Perry Stein, Wapo.

"Critics of the strike say that immigrants who entered the country illegally should not be protected. Employers and participants of the strike are not distinguishing between who is in the country legally and who is undocumented."

BTW, I'm an immigrant but I emigrated legally. 

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9 hours ago, Ericandblueboy said:

What are the chances that these restaurants get raided?  People play a dangerous game.

To target a restaurant for a raid because of participation in this "day" would be an outrageous abuse of government power. Participation is not a suggestion, much less an admission, that the restaurant hires anyone who is not legally eligible for employment. It is an action in support of immigrants, at a time when immigration itself is under attack. Therefore a pure "First Amendment" activity, without constituting evidence of unlawful employment conduct.

So yes, there is a chance that our government would retaliate in the almost-certainly-unconstitutional and certainly-reprehensible way that you posit. But it is not a "game" in any sense. There are times when it is appropriate to stand up even at the risk of reprehensible government retaliation.

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