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Blue Plate, Humble Mediterranean-American on 3218 Mission Street in Bernal Heights

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Blue Plate is an "underrated" restaurant according to Eater San Francisco. Well, I can tell you that we threw away $80 on the night we went on underwhelming food. Maybe it's underrated for a good reason.


Bibb lettuce salad with tahini vinaigrette, strawberries, avocado, pumpkin seeds and dukka spices.

B pronounced this combination as "unworkable".


Monterey Bay squid with charred eggplant, treviso radicchio, chicken skin, harissa and nepitella.

The harissa overwhelmed all other elements to the point that it was a one-note dish. Horrible execution and plating.


Grilled escarole with linguiça sausage, balsamic vinegar and burnt orange.

This might have been fine were it not swimming in grease.

A main of oyster mushroom casarecce with smoked chicken, with preserved lemon, fines herbes, baby leeks, summer truffles and pecorino was probably the best thing we ate that night...and that's saying something. By the way, B left half of his plate untouched.  That's the plate in the background in the pic above BTW.

We took one for all of you so none of you have to come here.

Blue Plate
3218 Mission Street (29th Street)
Outer Mission 

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