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Mission BBQ

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Popped in to the recently opened Mission BBQ in Chantilly this past Saturday to grab some lunch to take home.

Had my eye on the spare ribs, but they were out, so I chose a 5-bone serving of baby-back ribs and a side of potato salad. Instead of the more traditional half/full slab options, Mission offers ribs in single bone, 5-bone, and 10-bone servings. 

The ribs were falling off bone tender, just as described on the menu. I prefer them with a bit of chew, but these ribs were nicely seasoned with a slightly sweet, slightly spicy rub which had been applied with the right amount of restraint. While the meat did indeed fall off the bone, it retained a nice texture, so I really enjoyed them. Some "fall off the bone" ribs in other places may get mushy or mealy, but this wasn't the case at Mission.

The potato salad was tasty, and the side of cornbread was a quite respectable version.

The employees were very friendly and the service was fast and efficient despite a nearly full house.

Looking forward to a return visit to explore more of the menu. 

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