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Dining near The Modell Center (formerly The Lyric) and the Myerhoff Symphony Hall

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Brewer's Art and Tapas Teatro are both close by. I've never been to Tapas Teatro, but I've heard vaguely good things. They're next to the Charles Theatre, so maybe they're used to people in a rush? Though they apparently don't take reservations, which may not be an issue on a Tuesday. I believe Brewer's Art takes reservations. It's been a few years since I was there, but I remember generally enjoying my last dinner.

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The queso fundido at Clavel is what cheesy dreams are made of in my hungry opinion. I think this spot would be a perfect spot to gather a few people from the group for a DR outing. The menu is outstanding, and the prices are rather reasonable. And for a nightcap, we could wander over to WC Harlan. The neighborhood of Remington is heavily populated with delicious dining options. Who's with me?

Hon. whatcha havin?


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