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Okane - The Younger Sibling of Omakase, Shareable Izakaya at 669 Townsend Street in SoMa

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We had Japanese brunch on Saturday at Okane (669 Townsend at 18th in South of Market), a sister restaurant of Omakase.


House salad, rice cracker, ume vinaigrette.


Miso soup.



You can really tell how good a restaurant is by whether the kitchen pays attention to detail, and these were no exception.

Pictured are kyuri-zuke (pickled Japanese cucumber) and asa-zuke (zucchini, carrot and onion quick pickle).


Oysters with tobiko (flying fish roe) and scallion.


Clockwise from bottom center: stewed pork belly, green onion; sesame tofu with cucumber and wasabi; soy-glazed smoked salmon; broth with daikon radish, hon-shimeji mushrooms, chicken and watercress; tamago-zushi (egg omelette cooked with mirin and dashi, wrapped around Japanese rice with nori seaweed).

This was served with a bowl of Japanese rice.

The salmon was a tad overcooked, but otherwise everything else was spot on.

We were comped a plate of tuna and salmon sashimi that the kitchen sent out because the oysters took about 15 minutes to get to our table.

A very nice gesture on their part.

Really great value for the price. Total bill was $67 for 2 people not including a 20% tip.

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