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40th Birthday Party for 10-20 on a Saturday Night in August - Virginia or DC

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Hey, everyone.  My wife is turning 40 in August I'm looking for a private or semi-private space for a seated dinner for between 10 and 20 people on a Saturday night, preferably in Virginia or DC.  Would love to keep it under $100 for drinks and food, but have been looking at Jose Andres places and this appears to be around the going rate.  You only turn 40 once, right?

Thanks for the help!

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My husband threw me a 40th birthday party a few (!) Augusts ago at Zaytinya, and it was lots of fun and delicious. I don't remember a lot of details at this point, and it was a surprise, so I wasn't involved in planning, but I do remember various small plates (as one would expect) and also a larger portion of either goat or lamb, which was very good. They have a mostly private room overlooking the dining room beyond the host stand and bar (when you enter the restaurant, you're facing it, but it's up a flight of stairs at the far end of the room). We had between 15 and 20 people, and I believe the cost was around your price point -- maybe a little more. I think we had a cash bar. Our party was on a Sunday night -- not sure if Sunday is cheaper than Saturday.

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Maybe too late for your planning, but just in case:

I've suggested Stomping Ground before (stompdelray.com). They aren't open for dinner on Saturdays - but do host private events. A friend's husband had her 50th there, with about 20 of us. They did a buffet option, but the full service pricing isn't outrageous (& less than what you quoted above):

Full Service: 4 course from $65/pp; 5 course from $85/pp
for 12 to 30 guests

You have the whole place to yourselves and they will work with you on the menu.

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To close the loop, we ended up at ghibellina.  We were able to book a large private room on the second floor overlooking 14th street with a $2000minimum spend.  Staff was responsive in helping plan and there are set menus with a ton of choices and price points.  If I remember correctly, we were able to select three wines, which would be charged each time a new bottle was opened, and three cocktails which would be charged per drink.

food was great and service, all the way from when we sent our first email to when we closed out was fantastic.  I would strongly recommend.

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