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Anna Blume (Suri)

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Week 1

T January 2, 2007

• 6 oz. OJ & coffee w milk

• Plain yogurt (2%; c. 10 oz.), w cranberry sauce & 1/3 c granola, all homemade

• 3 small apple-ricotta pancakes w butter and maple syrup; glass of 2% milk

• Small banana w 2 T of peanut butter; 4 oz. of 2% milk

• Fennel & blood orange salad, 2 chopped cured black olives w lime juice & EVOO

• 1 ½ small roasted beets dressed same way (minus olives)

• ½ oz. Prosciutto di Parma

• 4 oz. glass red wine

• 10 gnudi (spinach) w butter, tomato sauce and Parmesan

• Roasted Bosc pear w red wine (1/3 cup; ¼ c sugar), honey & a little Parmesan

W January 3, 2007

• OJ & coffee w milk

• Yogurt w honey and a small banana

• ¼ lb. hamburger on one large slice WW (home baked) w lettuce, mayo, garlic, Worchester sauce, mushrooms and T aged Gouda

• 3 Satsuma mandarins

• Raw red pepper strips & fennel

• 3 Lucques olives

• 16 gr Prosciutto di Parma

• 1 carrot

• Handful raw almonds

• A dozen tortelli filled w braised cabbage, pancetta, onion, garlic, Grana, EVOO & reduced broth, sauced w broth, butter and Parmesan

• 6 oz. of red wine

R January 4, 2007

• OJ, coffee w milk and a small banana

• Handful of pistachio nuts

• Pasticcio (baked penne, tomato-vegetable sauce, ricotta, ham) reheated in whole milk

• Anjou pear

• ½ c yogurt and ¼ cup newly baked granola

• Lentil minestrone w rice and chard, grated Grana

• Navel orange & chocolate truffle

• Another ½ c plain yogurt w the new granola

F January 5, 2007

Walked at least 3 miles (40 minutes plus shopping)

• OJ, coffee w milk & yogurt w cranberry sauce and granola

• Last hot dog in freezer w mustard and ½ slice toasted WW

• Glass of skim milk, handful of granola

• Fennel and red pepper slices & pear

• Raw fennel, red pepper & carrot

• Salmon (½ lb.) baked w yogurt and dill, smashed potatoes (butter & milk)

• Red leaf lettuce & parsley salad w grated Gruyere (1 t) & Dijon-shallot vinaigrette

• Glass white wine

• Blood orange and a dark chocolate truffle

S January 6, 2007

• OJ & coffee w milk

• Apple

• Thick slice of WW French toast w butter & maple syrup; glass skim milk

• Celery stalk, dried apricots & pistachios for movies

• Pasticcio reheated in milk

• 2 celery stalks & carrot

• Cappelletti en brodo w Parmesan

• 2 oz. red wine

• Small sweet potato w butter; 4 oz. skim milk

WEIGHT: down ½ pound of 4 needed for month

Week 2

N January 7, 2007

Walking: 40 mins. w about 4 hours on feet (outside vs. in kitchen)

• Orange juice & coffee w milk

• Thick slice of WW toast w peanut butter & drizzle of honey; 4 oz. skim milk. Apple

• Handful of pistachios; single taste of blah chocolate cherry bread (c. teaspoon)

• Lentil minestrone w rice & Pecorino. 2 oz. red wine. Thick slice buttered WW toast

• Anjou pear w Gorgonzola. Multivitamin

M January 8, 2007

• OJ & coffee w milk

• Raw carrot

• Basmati boiled in milk, mixed w sautéed mirepoix, topped w cheddar and baked

• Small apple w 1 T of peanut butter

• Soup of mirepoix, more carrots & onion, butternut squash, red lentils, red pepper puree, paprika, pimenton and stock Psych: puree only portion to seem more filling.

• WW toast, buttered ( ½ slice)

• Persimmon cake w persimmon-Meyer lemon puree

T January 9, 2007

• Navel orange & coffee w milk

• Oatmeal w dried cranberries and whole milk

• Open-faced sandwich on WW w Italian tuna, capers, red onion, celery & 1 T of mayo. Rest of celery stalk. Blood orange.

• 1 ½ in. square (honest) of persimmon cake w fruit puree. Tea w milk & squirt honey

• ¾ small escarole, red onion & sausage pizza made w WW & 3 oz. mozzarella

• Red pepper strips (the whole pepper) & apple

W January 10, 2007

• Half grapefruit & coffee w milk

• Oatmeal w whole milk and cinnamon

• Bowl of the red pepper soup

• 2 small slices of last night's pizza [Psych: cut wide piece in half to seem like more]

• Granny Smith apple

• Scalloped potatoes w ham: at least 1 ½ T butter, a little less than ½ c whole milk, ½ oz. of Cheddar Cheese, 1 ½ t AP flour & a little under ½ lb. of Yukon Gold potatoes, ¼ Vidalia onion & ¾ oz. ham.

• Broccoli rabe w 2 cloves garlic, ½ T EVOO, chili flakes & ½ lemon

• Blood orange

R January 11, 2007

Walked briskly > an hour in cold at dusk, feeling invigorated. Have to remember how great that feels, though, unfortunately getting warm again this weekend.

• Blood orange & coffee w milk

• Oatmeal w whole milk and dried cranberries

• Tuna salad (w vegetables & 1 T mayo)

• 1 T pistachio nuts

• 2/3 c new creamy, rich yogurt (whole milk) w 3 T cranberry sauce & 1 T granola

• 4 La Brea Tar Pit chicken wings

• Spaghetti squash gratin w mushrooms, butter, cream & Parmesan

• Broccoli rabe sautéed w garlic, chili flakes & EVOO. Lemon juice, half

• Granny Smith apple

F January 12, 2007

Walked approx 40-50 minutes.

• Half grapefruit w 1/8 t sugar & coffee w milk

• Yogurt w persimmon puree, cranberry sauce (1 T each) and granola ( ½ c)

• Escarole soup made w leftovers, including chicken fr 4 wings, brodo & 1 ½ nests of Angel Hair pasta. ½ T grated Romano. Delicious. Psych benefit: dense w variety of ingredients.

• Blood orange

• Scalloped potatoes w ham, reheated in milk and 2 steamed carrots w minimal glaze (1 t butter, 1 t honey, ginger & lime juice)

• 2 dried apricots

• Persimmon cake, 1 in by 2 in, reheated, yogurt dollop, 2 T & clementine

S January 13, 2007

Walked ca. 4.6 miles (Georgetown WF, round trip)

• Half grapefruit, coffee w milk

• Yogurt w granola and cranberry sauce

• Small bowl of the last of the red pepper soup

• Two dozen cappelletti w butter & sage

• 2 dried apricots and a clementine

• WF tastings adding hundreds of calories: 2 tortilla chips w dips, one spinach artichoke, other crab & artichoke; 1 pita chip; incredible NY Camembert on cracker; Canadian Cheddar (twice); 2 small cookies & piece of lacy cookie w dark chocolate; 2 Dutch cheeses; those great Spanish almonds, twice.

• 2 celery stalks

• Venetian roasted fresh sardines (4) & half glass of white wine

• Reheated spaghetti squash gratin

• Dried apricot

WEIGHT: Down 1½ pounds of 4 needed for month. Moral: Exercise makes a difference, even if it's just once a day, brisk walking!!!

Week 3

N January 14, 2007

Walking: 50 mins.

• Half grapefruit & coffee w milk

• Half celery stalk while preparing soup for oven

• 2nd cup of coffee w milk; 4 oz. glass of skim milk

• 6 small buttermilk (1%) pancakes w blueberries, topped w smidgen butter & less maple syrup than usual

• Clementine

• Handful of raw almonds

• Last 4 chicken wings & short-grain brown rice

• Broccoli rabe w garlic, red chili flakes, EVOO & lemon juice (2 c)

• Anjou pear

• Several tastings over course of day to adjust seasoning on black bean soup

M January 15, 2007

• Clementine; coffee w milk

• Yogurt w cranberry sauce & granola

• Scalloped potatoes and ham reheated in milk

• 2nd clementine

• 4 oz. water-packed tuna w lime juice

• Last of spaghetti squash and mushroom gratin (1/6 of 3 ½ lb. squash)

• Braised chard w onions, cilantro, paprika, garlic & EVOO

• 3rd clementine and multivitamin

T January 16, 2007

• Half grapefruit. Coffee w milk

• 3 blueberry pancakes w little butter & maple syrup (leftover batter) & 4 oz. skim milk

• Black bean soup w lemon and dab light sour cream

• Wedge of Peter Reinhart's buttermilk cornbread w corn (protein boost), no bacon or onions & ½ the sugar

• 2 clementines

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Okay, I'm the first person on the second page to blow my cover. Most of you really think my name is Anna Blume, anyway. While I felt posting my food diary would be obsessively self-indulgent, I figure you don't have to read it and it is, as Porcupine says, a way to be accountable.

I suppose that coming out of the food pantry is a way to acknowledge that as self-righteous as I wanna be about the fact that I eat lots of fruits of vegetables and rarely go for junk food, I'm fairly certain I spent my most recent past life as a dairy farmer known throughout the closest village for the fabulousness that is my butter and cream as well as my caustic tongue.

Aint gonna go vegan, but I could cut down the amount of dairy fats I consume.

About a year or so ago, I ordered a remaindered book on nutrition from the CIA which, it turned out, was designed for chefs to help their patrons lose weight. I was disappointed at that point that so much published on nutrition for the general population pertains to weight rather than healthful diets and what foods fulfill what needs, but I was also in self-denial. So, I'll start consulting it and maybe cook that amarenth (seeds used as a grain vs. leaves) that I picked up one day on a lark.

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I'm impressed with the detail. And I really do think that the obsessiveness in reporting allows you to really understand why your body responds the way it does.

I have that book from the CIA and have had mixed results with it. Some of the recipes are just good reminders of types of dishes that are naturally good, some are a decent light version of an old favorite and some are just bad. Be particularly wary of the recipes that call for arrowroot.

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Thanks, Bill.

Yeah, I think the other reason I was disappointed in the book is that the ideas offered weren't revelatory so much as they were unappealing :lol: . I'll take your word on the arrowroot! :unsure:

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Week 3, continued

T January 16, 2007, continued w evening meal only

• Scalloped potatoes w ham reheated in milk

• Braised chard w onions, etc.

• Tastings of carrot & fennel soup during prep

• Clementine & tastings of applesauce during prep

W January 17, 2007

Walking #2: 40 minutes

• Half grapefruit & coffee w milk

• Oatmeal w dried cranberries and combo whole & skim milks

• 2 spaghetti squash fritters, batter made w parsley, shallots, aged Gouda, buttermilk, egg & flour.

Dab of light sour cream on each

• Cup of carrot-fennel soup w dill (onions, turnip, red lentils, broth, white wine…)

• 2/3 cup of applesauce

• 7 gnudi w ¼ lb. sausage, diced fennel, mirepoix, tom sauce & Romano (Batali)

• Red leaf lettuce salad w red bell pepper & shallot vinaigrette

• Clementine

R January 18, 2007

• Half grapefruit & coffee w whole milk

• Oatmeal w a few dried cranberries & whole milk

• Half cup applesauce

• Black bean soup w light sour cream (??? finally!) & warm cornbread

• 3 clementines

• Ba Bao La Jiang (8-treasure tofu, adapted) w brown rice

3 oz. pork loin, 7 oz. tofu, chard stalks, carrot, scallions, ½ red bell pepper,

½ zucchini & roasted fresh peanuts w usual aromatics & sauce. Ate half. Probably 2 T of peanut oil involved.

• Navel orange & last chocolate truffle from Christmas (80 calories)

F January 19, 2007

Walking #3: Approx. 50 minutes

• Half grapefruit. Coffee w whole milk

• Thick slice of WW French toast w 1 T maple syrup and ½ t butter

• 2/3 cup yogurt w 1 t honey, ¼ c frozen blueberries & Meyer lemon zest

• Leftovers from last night (8 treasures & rest of M's rice) & clementine

• Second coffee w whole milk

• Clementine & 1 cube of mediocre cheese while shopping

• Carrot-fennel soup w extra broth & light sour cream

• Cornbread w corn

• Clementine

• Persimmon cake reheated (3 in. x 1 ¾ in.) w dab light sour cream & applesauce

S January 20, 2007

Walking #4: 65 minutes

• Half grapefruit. Coffee w whole milk

• 6 popovers w 1 ½ T raspberry preserves

(2 eggs, ½ c flour, ½ c whole milk & 1 ½ T butter)

• Apple, 1 dried apricot, 1 cube candied ginger & about 10 raw almonds

• 2 oz. water-packed tuna w lemon juice

• Tortelli (cabbage) sauced w reduced brodo, butter & sage; Parmesan

• Spaghetti squash w gouda

• Salad of red leaf lettuce, cucumber & red pepper w light sour cream dressing

WEIGHT: Zero change, again up & down all week.

Moral: Increased exercise makes no difference when you eat scalloped potatoes and ham. Good cooking fat (olive oil) has many calories as butter, so lighten up. Cf. breakfasts, especially. 4 out of 7 were "treats".

• More oatmeal breakfasts. Take advantage of the welcome drop in temperature.

• Start keeping track of amount of fat used daily. Look for alternatives in menu planning as well as cooking methods such as braising (oil plus liquid) or oven-roasting w EVOO preheated (thins coating of oil) vs. stir-frying

• Increase & intensify physical exercise. 3 ½ hours walking (plus incidental) is not sufficient. 4 days this week? 5 days next.

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Help? :lol:

Every week thus far I've been taking baby-steps down the hill, losing and gaining the same few pounds. At the moment, I am only 1 pound below baseline and tomorrow, after exercise this evening, I probably will lose half a pound if I continue to repeat my experience of the past three weeks.

Yesterday I started what I told myself I wouldn't do since it's one of those things I hate about dieting: calculating calories to determine where I can eliminate the amount I need to let go in order to lose weight.

I looked at one web site only, but after plugging in my height (short), weight, age & current level of activity, I was told that I needed 1871 calories to maintain my current weight and 500 calories less--in addition to greater amounts of exercise--to lose weight.

The same site cautions against dipping lower than 1200 calories per day without consulting a doctor.

So, 1300-1350 calories a day? Does this seem right?

Anyone else limiting themselves to a fairly low number who has good recommendations?

(The other strategy is to gradually increase the hours of brisk walking I do. Please don't recommend a gym since I prefer physical exertion in day-to-day activities or the outdoors.)

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Help? :lol:
I'm not a calorie counter (yet), so I don't have any KCAL advice. However, after scanning your food journal, I don't see any notation of your water intake. How much straight, non-fizzy water are you drinking per day?

Also, instead of counting calories, an easy thing to start on (just retrospectively on your journal entries to date) is the amount of protein you're consuming. There are web-calculators for daily protein intake guidelines based on your current demographics.

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Thanks, Lydia. The information about protein is most useful to me.

I'm a bit skeptical about the straight, non-fizzy water business, and thought the basis for 8-glasses a day is that the water helps to diminish over-eating; it's said that sometimes we confuse hunger with thirst. Some now say any non- or low-caloric beverages serve the same purpose, such as green or herbal tea. At any rate, I'm assuming I do okay on that measure. I feel ridiculous enough as it is documenting all food intake.

I'd be surprised to learn there isn't a new OC category in that large diagnostic book used by mental health professionals, one for people who record every single thing they eat on a daily basis, week after week. A sub-category is for the exhibitionists who show what they do to others. :lol:

FWIW, I did drop down to my lowest weight this morning. Modest, but still. Fluke?

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This morning, the second digit in my weight dropped B) for the first time since I don't know when.

I was going to indulge in that one special breakfast per week, pulling two slices of bread from the freezer and searching the pantry for the new bottle of maple syrup, figuring if I ate it late enough, all I'd need is an apple and maybe some yogurt in the middle of the afternoon to tide me over until it's time for soup.

Then I added up the number of calories in French toast with a teensy bit of syrup and butter :unsure: . It would have left me with about 445 calories for the rest of a day when I should be walking about 5 miles. :lol:

I ended up having oatmeal instead.

Treat? A second cup of coffee.

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This morning, the second digit in my weight dropped B) for the first time since I don't know when.

I was going to indulge in that one special breakfast per week, pulling two slices of bread from the freezer and searching the pantry for the new bottle of maple syrup, figuring if I ate it late enough, all I'd need is an apple and maybe some yogurt in the middle of the afternoon to tide me over until it's time for soup.

Then I added up the number of calories in French toast with a teensy bit of syrup and butter :unsure: . It would have left me with about 445 calories for the rest of a day when I should be walking about 5 miles. :lol:

I ended up having oatmeal instead.

Treat? A second cup of coffee.

Great job! Congratulations. Seems like you are getting the hang of it.

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Week 4

N January 21, 2007

• Half grapefruit. Coffee w whole milk

• Oatmeal w 6 dried sour cherries & milk

• Grilled cheese on oatmeal bread

• Half a red bell pepper

• Clementine

• 2nd coffee w whole milk

• 1 small square Aged gouda at WF

• 2/3 c black bean soup w dab light sour cream

• Tea w ½ t honey & milk though yearned for cocoa w marshmallow

• Carrot & celery heart

• ½ lb. Salmon, pan-roasted w ½ T EVOO, skinne, lime juice, ½ t soy sauce, ¼ t sesame oil on

• Braised chard, 2 garlic cloves, ½ onion, gingerroot, ½ T EVOO, ¼ t soy & sesame oil

• Small baked sweet potato w ½ t butter

• 2 Mugs herbal tea, straight

• Navel orange & 65-calorie square of bittersweet chocolate

N.B. Extra meal after 4 ½ mi. walk in snowy weather, half involved in lugging groceries.

M January 22, 2007

• 2 Clementines & coffee w whole milk

• Egg salad sandwich: 390 calories

• Carrot sticks (2 carrots)

• Anjou pear

• Turkey meat loaf w core of roasted red pepper & spinach; 1/6 (1.25 lbs. 7% fat; carrot, parsley, onion, garlic, celery, egg, buttermilk, baguette, grated Grana and Romano, too much sage, thyme, S & P; ketchup on top only)

• Steamed Brussels sprouts w lemon juice & 1 t butter

• Smashed Yukon Gold potatoes (6 ½ oz) w 1% buttermilk & 1 ½ t butter

• Apple

T January 23, 2007

• Clementine & coffee w milk

• 6 oz. plain yogurt, 1 ½ T cranberry sauce & 2 T granola

• Carrot-fennel soup w dill, bowl w new stock & dab of light sour cream added

• ½ sandwich: toasted slice oatmeal bread, sliver meat loaf, lettuce, t mayo & cornichons

• Green tea w ½ t honey & clementine

• Mushroom ragù on polenta ( ½ T butter, no cheese) w braised scallions (ckn stock)

• 3/8 orange & 6 raw almonds

W January 24, 2007

• 5/8 orange & coffee w milk: 70 calories

• Poached egg w green Tabasco, 1 slice buttered (3/4 t) oatmeal bread: 265 calories

• 8 Gnudi w tomato sauce & a little Grana: 350-400 calories

• 2 carrots

• Green tea & 7 raw almonds (66 calories)

• Turkey meat loaf, reheated (approx 200)

• Roasted sweet potato (200) & 1 t of butter (70 calories)

• Salad w red leaf lettuce, cucumber & roasted beets (60)

• Salad dressing made w light sour cream (40), lemon juice, garlic & Gorgonzola=100 calories. Fine, but skip the cheese—can't taste 5/8 oz., so not worth it.

• Quarter of an apple w herbal tea

Calories: about 1450 total. Too many at dinner: 630

R January 25, 2007

• Half grapefruit (70? 97 for cup) & coffee w milk (70+30=100)

• Oatmeal w tart sour cherries and skim milk (150+41+30=221) 331

• WW spaghettini w anchovy-tomato sauce & celery (3 oz; 3 salt-packed; 1 t EVOO & 2/3 c sauce 300+200?)

• Green tea & ¾ of an apple (45) 545 Leaving 475 for dinner

• Miso soup w soba, tofu, Shitake, gingerroot, scallions, asparagus & carrots Dashi, ½ c chicken stock, porcini soaking liquid, soy sauce & sesame oil

• Persimmon cake (3" x 1 ½ ") & homemade apple sauce. 6 oz. skim milk. Herbal tea.

F January 26, 2007

• Half grapefruit & coffee w milk 100

• Turkey meatloaf sandwich w 1/3 roasted red pepper, 2 cornichons, lettuce & ½ T mayo on oatmeal bread (200+45+240; can't find info on pepper-520?)

• 2 carrots at 68 grams (65) 585 Leaving 665 for snack & dinner

• Anjou pear

• Lots of tasting while making soup

• Ragout of mushrooms, onion & Brussels sprouts w small wedge cornbread

• Salad of cucumber, roasted beet & lettuce; dressing: 40 calories of light sour cream, lemon juice, minced garlic, green Tabasco sauce & cilantro (good)

• Decaf green tea & 2 small cubes crystallized ginger

S January 27, 2007

• Half grapefruit & coffee w whole milk

• Oatmeal w sour cherries 331

• Second cup of coffee 30

• Half a meatloaf sandwich w 2 thin slices, 1 t mayo, 2 cornichons (120+200+70)

• 1/3 of a cucumber & small carrot

• Apple

• Parsnip soup w leeks, cannellini & arugula; drizzle of EVOO. Wedge of cornbread

• Orange and 2 squares bittersweet chocolate (130)

WEIGHT: Lost 1 pound during week, 2 ½ total, a full 3 at the time of posting, so slowly but steadily dropping pounds during the second half of the month versus bobbing up and down during the first two weeks.

Ate nothing while shopping at Whole Foods this time. 3.58 hours of exercise, 3 days of dedicated walking w few minutes on a fourth day. So, even though exertion barely increased, progress. Goal next week: return to four days of brisk walking despite chilly weather. Making regular exercise routine is more important to me than the number of hours at the moment. Climb at least 8 flights of stairs on the other days.

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Week 5

N January 28, 2007

• Half grapefruit & coffee w milk

• Oatmeal w 2% milk and mixed dried fruit

(Henceforth: GCO)

• Half meatloaf sandwich & second cup coffee w milk

• Small portions egg pasta w ragù and Parmesan or filled w sweet potato, w butter

• Celery, cucumber, colored peppers

• Meyer lemon panna cotta

• Half glass red wine

• 3 oz. spinach linguine w ragù & Parmesan

• 2 carrots

• Applesauce

M January 29, 2007


• Parsnip soup w leeks, cannellini & arugula. Small wedge cornbread

• Navel orange

• Green tea w 2 cubes candied ginger

• Turkey meat loaf and Stampot* w Brussels sprouts

*2 Yukon Gold potatoes w skins, ¼ c 2% milk, 2 t butter & 2 T 1% buttermilk mashed w steamed, sliced Brussels sprouts

T January 30, 2007


• Mushroom ragù as stroganoff (150?+210+220) 580

• 1/3 c frozen blueberries, ½ c yogurt & 2 T granola 147 Balance: 392

• Lemongrass chicken soup w ginger, fish sauce, lemon, red chili, rice noodles (160 calories), cilantro, shallot, scallions, asparagus, garlic, kaffir leaves, carrot & shitake

• Orange & one square chocolate (65) w herbal tea

W January 31, 2007

• GC

• Jaffrey's Tofu in Spicy Sauce w matchstick zucchini & brown rice (¼ c raw rice, 3 oz. tofu, 2 scallions, 1/3 squash, gingerroot, garlic, t sesame oil, 2 t soy sauce, ¾ T peanut oil, 1/8 c brodo, chili paste, cornstarch, pinch each of S & Turbinado)

• 2 carrots

• Earl Grey w milk & honey and an apple

• Herbal tea

• Salad of arugula, golden & red beets, Parmesan curls & Meyer lemon vinaigrette

• 2 5/8 oz. spinach linguine w <half c ragù and Parmesan

• Orange

• Herbal tea

R February 1, 2007

• Half grapefruit & coffee w milk

• 6 oz. plain yogurt, ¼ c blueberries & 3 T granola

• Fried brown rice (egg, roasted peanuts, parboiled and chopped beet & kohlrabi greens, soy sauce, gingerroot, chili, garlic & shallot w ¾ T peanut oil)

• 2 carrots

• Orange

• Snert (split pea soup w onions, carrots, celery, kohlrabi, parsley, potatoes, a little pork loin & smoked meat from ham hock) w ½ t butter

• Cornbread

• Apple

• Herbal tea & 2 cubes of candied ginger

F February 2, 2007


• 2 ¾ oz. spinach & plain linguine w ragù & Parm

• 2 carrots

• Arugula salad w Dijon vinaigrette, golden & red beets, Meyer lemon juice & curls

• Snert & narrow wedge cornbread

• Gingered Pears Sarah w yogurt (crisp topping w butter, flour, lemon juice & lots of crystallized ginger).

S February 3, 2007


• Snert 325?

• ½ Grilled cheese on oatmeal bread (3/4 oz. cheddar; ½ t butter) 227

• Half apple & green tea

• Roasted red pepper w anchovies, capers & EVOO

• Genovese baked bluefish (1/3 #) w potatoes (2 YG) and parsley, garlic & oil

• Half golden beet on bed of boiled greens w lemon & oil

• Half apple, 1 square chocolate & herbal tea

WEIGHT: Gained 1 pound back, only to lose it again at the time of reporting (today). Back where I started: 3 pounds down, 15 to go.

Walking: 3.25 hours. Decrease, but stuck to pattern of alternate days. I would like to aim for 5 hours (ideally more) before the end of the month. Move up to 5 days a week as routine. During this week's frigid weather, not sure if or how I'll follow through with lesson, but the increased physical activity on weekends (housework included) matters.

Obviously, still too stubborn to deal with ascetic diet that small stature demands. Thus, giving in to desire for a "real dessert", the extra batch of ragù I made to keep at home and on Saturday, the return to the type of dinner I prefer (healthful, but probably too many calories). Articles in The NYT call 1200-calories-a-day a preposterously low figure, yet formulas dictate that I need to consume less than 200 more calories than that (a bowl of oatmeal or a slice of sparsely buttered toast) to see pounds drop.

I have found that instead of eating more small meals, it's easiest for me to skip a meal and allocate those calories to the two remaining. (Historically, 2 meals a day seems to have been the norm and Marion Nestle, the NYU nutrition prof, says breakfast is NOT the most important meal of the day so skip it if you're not hungry.)

Finally, soup seems to be the best way to attone for indulgences or simply to lose weight. Many of us seem to be using this strategy.

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I started (in November) by following the Diet Center program, and am now just not eating much - yogurt & fruit for breakfast, usually Slimfast for lunch, fruit & almonds & carrots for snack, then a light dinner (lean protein & lots of veggies, maybe a little carb). At the beginning I cut out all alcohol and now allow myself some wine when we have company or go out. That's been hard, but I have saved a lot of money (as well as calories)! :lol:

You know, I figured I would have reached the Minus 5-Pounds mark by now and it's hard not to feel envy as well as good cheer and esteem of/for all those who have lost a higher percentage of weight on more rigorous diets.

On the other hand, after going up 1 pound again yesterday to the old, higher middle digit, and then down today (the narcissism of food bloggers is nothing compared to dieters) 1 1/2 pounds to the nice lower middle digit and my lowest weight in months, I have to recognize that I have lost 6 pounds since that week of intensive cooking baking in December.

The reason I am citing MMM is that I find that now that I am being more mindful of portion size and calories, I end up at the end of the week with an excess of fresh produce, milk, etc., virtually enough to make it through the week ahead were it not for the dwindling supply of grapefruit and depletion of frozen stock.

* * *

I still can't say enough about how great soup in this process especially since it's one of my favorite things to make and eat. Keeping a variety in the freezer and replenishing supplies of stock saves me from monotony.

Al Dente's notes about making beef broth and putting stuffed pasta in it for dinner contributes a different option, especially since you cut down the calories by eating fewer tortellini, say, without all the cream or butter in the sauce and usually with less cheese. Also recommended is cutting out the breasts from chicken when making stock and rolling out your own egg dough for chicken noodle soup. Then there's duck soup with wild rice.

The miso thread offers only the beginning of other ideas since I don't prepare many Asian soups. Pho might be a good idea for next week as the cold spell continues.

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Week 6

N February 4, 2007

• Half grapefruit & 2 cups coffee w milk

• 5 blueberry buttermilk pancakes (1% w 1/8 c maple syrup & 2 t butter, including batter)

• 4 oz. 1% milk

• ½ oz. prosciutto & 2 carrots

• Snert & cornbread

• Half an apple

M February 5, 2007

• Half grapefruit & coffee w milk 50

• Stone soup ( ½ c snert, water, rest of greens, rest of tomato puree) 200

• Grilled cheese on oatmeal (1 ¼ oz. cheese) 423

• Half apple 22 655 left for dinner, not bad!!!

• Green tea, 2 cubes of candied ginger & 4 raw almonds

• Huge salad of red butter leaf lettuce, kohlrabi sticks & roasted golden beet; Dijon vinaigrette stretched w light sour cream & 1% buttermilk—good strategy. Also filling enough to encourage smaller portion of stew when eaten slowly.

• Boeuf bourguignon, small roasted sweet potato, peas (no butter)

• 6 oz. cup of applesauce (made w cider & Turbinado sugar, so somewhat caloric)

• Herbal tea

T February 6, 2007

• Half large orange & coffee w milk

• 3 buttermilk pancakes w smidge of butter & 1-2 T maple syrup

• Half of orange

• 2 ¾ oz. dried chitarra w 1/3 cup ragù and Parm

• Half of raw kohlrabi

• Green tea, 4 almonds, 1 dried apricot & 1 cube crystallized ginger

• Apple-rutabaga soup (based on Patrick O'Conell's recipe minus cream, 1/3 butter & 1/12 maple syrup) w squeeze of Meyer lemon

• Slice of toast w ½ t butter

• Salad of herb-baked bluefish, shaved fennel, red onion, 3 cured olives & Meyer lemon

• 1/3 c plain yogurt w T applesauce and sprinkle granola

W February 7, 2007

• GCO 265

• Tuna salad on toasted oatmeal bread w lettuce 405

( 3 oz. water-packed, ½ T mayo, shaved fennel, red onion, scallion, capers & lemon)

• Carrot & Cara-Cara orange

• Half cup of plain yogurt w T of blueberries and 2 of granola 110?

• Large bowl beef and mushroom-barley soup (tomato, carrot, celery, scallion, parsley, porcini soaking liquid, brodo & leftover stew)

• Applesauce ( ½ c)

R February 8, 2007

• Half grapefruit & coffee w 1% milk 40

• Grilled cheese on oatmeal bread 423

• Mug of apple-rutabaga soup

• Apple

• Boeuf bourguignon

• Lucques green rice w peas (Terrific recipe, here.)

• Semi-glazed steamed carrots (dabs honey, butter w Meyer lemon juice & ginger)

• Half an awful Comice pear, so:

• A single toasted marshmallow, herbal tea and 2 cubes of crystallized ginger

F February 9, 2007

• GCO 270

• Tuna salad w fennel, red onion, etc. (no bread) 185

• Half mushy pear w ½ cup yogurt & 2 T granola

• Small roasted sweet potato (4 ½ oz.) without butter

• Green tea & 4 almonds

• Mug of week's soup

• Boeuf (2 ½ oz.) w remainder of green rice and peas

• ½ c apple cider

S February 10, 2007

• Half grapefruit & coffee w 1% milk 45

• Farina w ½ t maple syrup & ½ t butter and ½ c 1% milk 197

• Poached egg w green Tabasco sauce & slightly buttered slice of oatmeal toast

• 2 stalks celery

• Minneola & tea w ½ t honey & 1% milk

• Cracker w chevre & cranberry-pepper relish; cube Dutch cheese & tortilla chip w dip

• Boeuf (2 ½ oz.) & ragù over egg noodles (2 oz.), partially cooked in brodo; Parm

• Salad of red butter leaf, red beet, 3 toasted walnuts & gorgonzola w light sour cream-Meyer lemon vinaigrette

• 6 oz. cup of applesauce & herbal tea

WEIGHT: Loss of an additional pound, total of 4 with 14 to go. Gaining better sense of how to integrate indulgences (buttermilk pancakes, rich stew, Gorgonzola) into diet without undermining goals. Walking: 3.75 hours. Increase of ½ hour, 4 days.

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Week 7

N February 11, 2007

• G+ 2( C )

• 5 buttermilk pancakes w tiny bit butter, blueberry-maple syrup & dab light sour cream

• 6 oz. lowfat milk

• 6 oz. plain yogurt w applesauce & granola

• Celery stalk & half a carrot

• Stockpot pickings w fleur de sel: crispy turkey skin, lump of beef shank & crusty brown bits of onion

• Lentil minestrone w greens, stelle, lemon, Romano & Grana

• Apple

M February 12, 2007

• GC & 6 oz. low-fat milk

• 3 buttermilk pancakes w butter & maple syrup

• Lentil minestrone: no pasta, some shank, new broth & Romano

• Persimmon cake (2 in. square) w 1/3 c applesauce

• Cabbage tortelli, finished in broth, butter & sage. Parmesan

• Salad of butter leaf, orange, red onion, fennel, mint, cured olives & vinaigrette

• Herbal tea, 4 almonds, square of chocolate, date & 2 ginger cubes

T February 13, 2007


• Soupy black beans & rice w bacon, scallion, cilantro, lime, corn, red onion, chile, green Tabasco & light sour cream

• Celery & Apple

• Half shank, kale, carrot & onion simmered in broth, drained

• Cappelletti cooked in the broth (above) w Parmesan & parsley

• Banana, herbal tea & 1 square of chocolate

W February 14, 2007

• GC 45

• PBJ & ½ c skim milk (210+50+220+45) 525

• Carrot & apple 50—so balance of 730 calories for dinner & snacks

• Tea w milk & honey

• Thai pho: brodo w pho seasonings, Kaffir lime leaves & lemongrass. Rice noodles, 5 oz. beef, cilantro, mint, lime, scallions & red chili

• Persimmon cake w applesauce & T light sour cream (4 ¼ oz. cake, 4 sauce)

R February 15, 2007

• GCO 270

• Banana 100 & half PBJ 340

• Celery & carrot sticks

• Coffee w milk 20 Balance around 600

• Black rice (black beans, broth, tomato, pancetta, Arborio, onion, scallions, garlic, cilantro…) w dab light sour cream

• Half roasted acorn squash w 2 t butter & 1 t maple syrup

• Minneola, herbal tea, 2 cubes crystallized ginger & 1 square bittersweet chocolate

F February 16, 2007

• GCO 270

• Tomato-beet soup w Indian spices & swirl light sour cream

• Wedge of cornbread (2 ¾ oz.)

• Tea w milk & honey

• Apple

• Caldo verde w ½ a Mexican chorizo

• Cornbread ( 2 ¼ oz.)

• Herbal tea, 1 cube ginger & 1 square chocolate

S February 17, 2007

• GCO w increased calories of ½ t Turbinado sugar (not worth it) & extra milk 290

• Grilled cheese sandwich, 1 ½ oz. cheddar (165+220+50) 415

• Carrot & 3 swigs of apple cider

• Black rice, cf. Thursday [FYI one strip bacon for 4 servings]

• Half of acorn squash, roasted

• Celery salad w Romano, lemon & EVOO

• 4 slices dried (just) mango 120

Weight: Plateau. Still 4 pounds down, 14 to go, having gained back 2 pounds by the middle of the week (cf. indulgences on 1st 2 days), only to lose them by running out of pancake batter and frozen cake and getting more exercise. I find it's imperative either to incorporate physical activity into DAILY routine or increase level of physical exertion on days of discipline and virtue. Walking: 4 1/3 hours, 4 days. Increase of 35 minutes.

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Week 8

N February 18, 2007

• GC

• 2 slices French toast w maple syrup (240+80+40+200+60) 580, so 730 rest of day

• 2nd cup of coffee w 1 slice of Just Mango 50

• ¼ Mexican cocoa w (mostly) 1% milk & marshmallow (good recipe from WFM but too rich to finish)

• Raw carrot

• Huo Tui Dong Gu Zheng Yu (Steamed whole black bass)

• White rice & steamed broccoli w Meyer lemon

• 2 small blood oranges

M February 19, 2007

• GC only for breakfast

• Caldo verde 300?

• 2 thin ends of oatmeal bread, toasted w little butter 200

• 2 pieces of dried Just Mango from Trader Joe's 60

• 2nd cup coffee, 3 dried blueberries, 2 dried cranberries & same cherries 30?

• 2 pieces mango 60…so 660 left which isn't bad; just note caloric content of snack

• Celery heart

• Salad of butter leaf lettuce, minute steak, blood orange, red onion & avocado w cilantro-chive vinaigrette [completely unsatisfying without good bread]

• 1 c plain yogurt w honey, half an apple, 4 T granola

• Herbal tea

T February 20, 2007

• GCO w whole, then 1% milk, respectively

• Dirty rice w ½ small avocado, L sour cream, Tabasco, corn, cilantro & scallions

• 2 Tangerines (fabulous—honey—from Trader Joe's)

• Coffee w milk, 2 cubes ginger & 87.5 calories of Valrhona 85% (one square)

• ½ oz. Prosciutto & 1 raw carrot

• Penne w gorgonzola (3 oz., 1 3/8 oz., 1% milk, ½ t butter, Parm & Romano)

• Steamed broccoli & 2 carrots w lemon juice & ½ t butter on carrots

• Half apple & 2 slices dried mango

W February 21, 2007

• GC & 6 oz. plain yogurt w honey, Meyer lemon zest, thawed raspberries, 3 T granola

• Salad: 3 oz. water-packed tuna w red onion, lime, carrot, black radish, cucumber, 3 cured olives & drizzle EVOO

• Avocado open-sandwich (1/2 small mashed fruit, drizzle EVOO, lime, 1 slice toast)

• Small blood orange

• Orange salad w mint, red onion, red chili flakes & olives—drizzle of EVOO

• Pasta di sardi ( 2 ¾ oz. bucatoni, ½ fennel bulb, ½ onion, sardines, anchovies, pinenuts, currants, toasted breadcrumbs & EVOO, all caloric ingredients in reduced amounts)

• Applesauce

R February 22, 2007

• GC & 6 oz. yogurt w rhubarb-ginger-Meyer lemon-mango compote and 2 T granola

• Avocado open-faced sandwich w 3 oz. leftover tuna salad (minus cuke, olives, oil plus 1 T light mayo & chives) and half a small avocado

• 2 tangerines & ½ mug of tea w honey and milk

• 2 3/8 oz. cappelletti in brodo (1 ¾ c) w peas, parsley & Parmesan

• 2 small zucchini, slices broiled w EVOO & marinated w mint, salt, garlic & vinegar

• Half an apple

F February 23, 2007

• Half an apple, coffee w milk

• Oatmeal w dried fruit, ¼ t cinnamon (way too much—inspired by recommended dose for dieters concerned about levels of cholesterol & sugars) and 1% milk

• Leftover pasta di sardi (traditional; delicious at room temperature)

• Second cup of coffee (half) w blood orange

• 1/3 lb. of baked salmon, marinated in yogurt, light sour cream & fresh dill

• 1/3 c couscous w chicken broth, t butter, chives, roasted red pepper & zest

• Marinated zucchini [better as sides for grilled salmon]

• Temple orange

• Herbal tea & 1 coconut macaroon (50 calories)

S February 24, 2007

• GC & plain yogurt w rhubarb compote & granola

• Leftover salmon

• Cucumber salad w red onion, rice vinegar, Sichuan pepper & dash of sugar

• 2 small blood oranges & 1 square Valrhona bittersweet chocolate (87.5)

• Tea, milk & honey

• 1 cube aged Gouda (yum) & bites of lots of exotic dried fruits (all blah) while shopping

• 2 carrots while cooking (still famished)

• Ginger chicken soup w bok choy

• Apple

• Herbal tea & 2 coconut macaroons (100)


FIVE pounds lost!!!! 13 to go. Walking: 5 1/3 hours, 5 days. Increase of one day and nearly an hour.

Finally! At this rate, 30-36 pounds in a year which is not ideal, but current rate (vs. average) is potentially better since I really did not exercise very much during the first few weeks, nor did I change my eating habits significantly until Week 3 or 4. While I've discovered shortest routes in errand-related walks, I have also shortened time it takes to reach destination enough to think I'm picking up speed and gaining more benefits.

Even if a loss of five pounds every other month strikes me as less than ideal at this point, if I am able to maintain it rather than slide backwards, it is ten times better than the steady, annual rate of increasing weight I've experienced over the past decade.

New short-term goals: 1) Lose 4 additional pounds to become simply overweight vs. obese (BMI scale); 2) Exercise 5 times a week at least twice a month; 3) Continue to eat more fish, if mindful of environmental issues involved; 4) Maintain weekly loss of weight.

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Week 9

N February 25, 2007

• GCO w canned peaches & 1% milk

• 2 carrots wee

• Temple orange, handful of almonds

• 5 dried apricots & green tea

• 1 thin buttered end of strata roll

• Boiled Kale (Zuni Cookbook) in a bowl

w poached egg & garlic-rubbed bread toasted,


Half of liquid brodo vs. water, hard,

Pecorino. Garnish: pepper, roasted.

• Blackberry cobbler for dessert

M February 26, 2007

• GC but instead of O, yogurt

w 3 T granola and rhubarb compote

• Half a PBH sandwich, short glass 1% milk & a carrot

• Mug of apple-rutabaga soup w a little buttermilk & chives

• Tangerine of merit

• Vegetarian chili w tomato

(I know, I know),

Cheddar, scallions, cilantro,

lime & T light sour cream

• 2 wedges ( :o but so good) skillet-baked cornbread

• Eternal cucumbers—forget the erratic rhyming scheme

• Cara-Cara orange, pink instead of red

T February 27, 2007

• GCO, latter w canned peaches (pear juice vs. syrup; nursery food) and cinnamon

• Mug of soup (cf. lunch yesterday) & slice of toasted cornbread

• Apple

• Green gnocchi w caduta di formaggio (modified to decrease fat content, from Veneto X, Molto Mario), using 2 bulbs of red endive as additional ingredient & garnish; don't use ice bath & reheat.

• Braised chicken thigh w red onion, cherries & apricots (same source, only not bunny)

• A few dried cherries & walnut pieces while cooking

W February 28, 2007

• GCO, same as yesterday

• Last of the marinated zucchini & 3 carrots

• Half PBJ w half glass of milk

• Half cup of yogurt w last of rhubarb compote & 2 T granola

• Cube ginger, dried apricot

• Vegetarian chili & cornbread with all fixings

• Large salad w Romaine, red pepper, cucumber & buttermilk-chive dressing

• Dried apricot & one coconut macaroon

LOSS OF 3 LBS FOR MONTH, ½ TENUOUSLY. 1 lb. improvement from January, though 2-2 ½ to make up to meet Summer Challenge

R March 1, 2007

• GCO w dried fruit and 2% milk

• Leftover green gnocchi w Gorgonzola, chives, etc. (6 oz. potato, ½ egg, <1 oz. cheese, ½ c spinach & T butter)

• Carrot & red bell pepper strips

• Wedge cornbread while cooking

• 2 reheated chicken thighs w fruit-onion sauce (cf. Tuesday)

• ½ roasted cauliflower

• Leaves & stem of " (bitter roasted, though not always the case)

• Tangerine & 2 macaroons

F March 2, 2007

• GCO w peaches

• Chili w last of Cheddar, scallions, red onion, lemon juice & light sour cream

• Blood orange

• 5 almonds, 2 cubes ginger and ½ mug of tea w milk & honey

• Last slice oatmeal bread toasted w ½ mashed avocado, lime, fleur de sel & EVOO

• Last of cappelletti in small bowl of brodo w peas & Parmesan

• Last stalk of broccoli steamed w lime

• 2 Clementines from Spain

S March 3, 2007

• Toasted cornbread & coffee w milk

• Fruit salad: blueberries, blood orange & ½ temple orange, thawed raspberries, ½ grapefruit, banana, 1 t sugar & ½ apple

• Great turkey burger (3 ¾ oz.) w garlic, cumin & cayenne on ½ strata roll, charred red onion, avocado & lime juice

• Rest of now incredible fruit salad & more coffee

• Thawed parsnip & white bean soup w leeks doctored w scallions, bok choy & chives

• Freshly baked spongy demi-baguette purchased from WFM for meatballs but since ravenous, compelled to eat the thinly crusted ends with nigh a T butter. O Butter, how I cherish thee and ever faithful remain.

• Roasted pear in red wine sauce w drizzle honey & Parmesan curls (Batali; bad move)

WEIGHT: Still 5 down, 13 to go. Walking: 6 hours, 20 minutes. 4 days. Increase of one hour, motivated by the discipline and records of Jael. Thank you, Superman.

On Saturday, loss of half a pound from precisely a week ago though figure represents a plateau from day of last report. Weight shot up another pound and a half before falling again. Teetering continues.

Last week Bill asked if winter doldrums were to blame for wavering and sliding backwards in the group as a whole. That was the day I briefly got what I was waiting for all winter long: a chance to trudge along the snowy banks in Rock Creek Park, branches above weighted down with snow, entering woods since so many people were out making snow people, walking dogs, sledding. Glorious to walk for over two hours. Happy to sip a warm, brothy soup afterwards with prospect of a real dessert. With warm weather, the desire for soup dwindles, thereby raising interest in solids, fat and more caloric food in general. Really had to pull myself away from the skirt steak on sale at WFM and content myself with the lemongrass and kombu I hiked to the store to buy.

That discipline did not hold. I think I took last week's discouraging group pattern as license—or came up with whatever silly excuses to accommodate too many treats each day vs. once a day. I didn't count calories for some of the meals as I have been and consequently took too much for granted, especially when deciding to participate in the Italian regional cooking threads again.

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Week 10

While I continue to keep daily accounts of food consumption, I am not sure those of you who look at my weekly posts find much of value in the details. Since Don Rockwell has it in for people who triple-space after quotes, I figure 5 months of long weekly reports would be deserving of snips and snarls, so I won't continue unless something dramatic calls for documentation.

WEIGHT: 1 ½ pounds gained on Saturday, the end of the week, all dropped as of this morning due to soup dinners, hours walking and time spent outdoors. Back to where I started 2 weeks ago, minus the thrill. 5 down instead of 9 at the half-way mark of the Summer Challenge. 13 pounds to go.

Walking: 5 ¼ hours devoted to exercise. 5 days. Decrease of 1 hour, if increase of number of days. Unmotivated; self-discipline was not strong this week.

Weight gain and loss of 1 ½ pounds continues to be a pattern throughout the Summer Challenge, only this time, the typical loss did not occur at end of week nor was the wavering accompanied by the loss of any additional weight. Two principal factors: purchase of packaged sandwich bread and strong cravings for something different. Both led to munchies and either larger portions or more caloric dinners. Gave in and finally made half a recipe of Dutch cheese crepes w aged Gouda purchased months ago. They were so good, I just wanted more along those lines.

I've been more aware of hunger, even after a pretty normal lunch that doesn't seem exactly geared towards dieting, such as a peanut butter sandwich w low-fat milk and piece of fruit. The late afternoon desire for more than herbal tea returneth.

Really wished to go walking (as dedicated exercise) early in the week, but by postponing hour of walk on Tuesday and justifying avoidance altogether, slipped into lethargy and lost momentum. Therefore the inverse of usual pattern occurred w gain of ½ pound on Friday and another pound Saturday from calories that must have been building up gradually. Discouraged but not disheartened. Hoping to see further drop with more exercise this week, though I do plan to prepare one indulgent braised dish for dinner tonight.

With Daylight Savings Time, there is more time to put on walking shoes and enjoy daylight before dinner as long I can talk myself into being happy with tea, a few nuts or a piece of fruit or something not too caloric around 3:30-5 PM when I get peckish. Knowing that I can mostly reheat dinner once I'm through helps, too.

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I've been more aware of hunger, even after a pretty normal lunch that doesn't seem exactly geared towards dieting, such as a peanut butter sandwich w low-fat milk and piece of fruit. The late afternoon desire for more than herbal tea returneth.

It may not fit everybody's schedule, but for me the whole eating small but often thing has worked. I bring a multi-part "lunch" and eat something every 1-2 hours. It really helps that 3:00 hunger feeling knowing that I still have something in the fridge. Lots of green tea has helped, too. This type of grazing keeps the metabolism going all day which in turn burns more calories. It took me awhile to get used to not being full after "lunch" and I still have to be pretty disciplined to keep to a schedule, but I haven't had any late afternoon sugar-crash hunger issues. I'm not keeping a food diary, but I'll post a typical day in my thread.

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Thanks for the good advice, Ted. I have been doing that only with pieces of fruit or raw vegetables. However, today since I ate little in the morning I had a much more substantial snack of yogurt with lots of fruit and a little granola. It made a huge difference.

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The following charts the rise and fall and rise and fall and rise and fall and rise and fall of the unsinkable pounds of Anna Blume who lost 2 pounds in January and 3 in February. She hasn't given up, but recently, having seen a late-night commercial in which Cartoon Guy becomes automatically svelte by giving up bread, curbing appetite and exercising, while Cartoon Woman remains overly voluptuous—no, let's face it—pillowy while undergoing precisely the same forms of Behavior Modification, she is tempted to don dark glasses, pull up her hood and go to the corner where The Man is peddling Gender-Specific diet pills to Big Girls.

First number indicates the date in March followed by pounds lost during Challenge

Figure within parentheses indicates pounds lost or gained since the previous morning

Final number indicates the number of minutes spent walking briskly that day as form of exercise

1. - 4 (1 lb. gain) 0

2. - 3.5 (½ lb. gain) 95

3. - 5 (1 ½ lb. loss) 75

4. - 4 (1 lb. gain) 45

5. - 4 90

6. - 4 ½ (½ lb. loss) 0

7. - 5 (½ lb. loss) 65

8. - 5 0

9. - 4 ½ (½ lb. gain) 45

10. - 3 ½ (1 lb. gain) 70

11. - 3 ½ 125

12. - 4 ½ (1 lb. loss) 60

13. - 5 (½ lb. loss) 0

14. - 4 (1 lb. gain) 60

15. - 5 (1 lb. loss) 0

16. - 4 ½ ( ½ lb. gain) 50

17. - 4 ( ½ lb. gain) 100

18. - 4 ½ ( ½ lb. loss) 60

19. - 5 ( ½ lb. loss) (Plans for evening)

Eeyore reading: No progress since February with only 2 weeks remaining in March. Poo!

Dick's reading: It would be unpatriotic to ignore 2 successive days of the enemy's retreat. Stay the course!

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Week 12

N March 18, 2007

Weight: -4.5 pounds Exercise: 1 hour walk

• G + 2( C )

• Yogurt w organic wild blueberries, honey & 3T granola w flaxseed

• Dried mango slice

• Stir-fried beef & jicama (t cornstarch, mushroom soy, chili powder & ½ t brown sugar to velvet < ¼ lb.) w ½ red bell pepper, ½ onion, 2 scallions, Jalapeno, garlic, cilantro w sauce ( ¼ c stock, ½ t cornstarch, mushroom soy, chili-garlic paste & lime)

• Tea w milk & honey, 1 dried apricot & 2 cubes crystallized ginger

• Asparagus soup—small bowl w shaving of Parmesan

• Moosewood tofu burger on slice of multigrain bread w t light mayo, Dijon, 2 cornichons & lettuce

• Apple

M March 19, 2007

Weight: -5 Exercise: 0

• GC 50 Total for breakfast: 396

• 70 gr Shredded Wheat, ¼ c blueberries & ¾ c 1% milk 15 gr protein; 243+20+83

• 3 oz. of Saturday's tuna salad, small blood orange, 1 oz. avocado, ½ huge golden beet, 2-3 inches cucumber, ¼ red bell pepper, Romano core, dotted w dressing of light mayo w light sour cream, ½ t canola, 1% buttermilk, garlic, green Tabasco, lime & cilantro... Estimate: 175, 45, 47, 44, 12, 20, 50

• Matzo 20 gr 78 Total for lunch: 452 to 500 Balance of 575 for rest of day for 1450

• Romano beans 241 for one cup

• Brown rice 163 for ¾ cup

• Collard greens 26 cup cooked, drained, but w bacon (4 slices uncured/lowered fat for 2 lbs. greens), onion, likker at least 70 (474)

• Small pear 86

T March 20, 2007

Weight: -5 Exercise: walk for 1 hour, 15 minutes

• GC 50 Total for breakfast: 343

• 1 c Shredded Wheat, 1 T mixed dried fruit & ¾ c 1% milk 15 gr protein; 170+45+83

• 3 oz. tuna salad, cucumber & red pepper slices 175, 12, 20

• 14 gr. matzo 55

• Green tea and small pear 86 Total lunch + snack: 433

• ½ ounce dry-roasted cashews (10) 85 Subtotal: 776 Balance: 674 (1450)

• Last of the chicken fricassee (1 thigh) w additional mushrooms 300? & sauce 100

• ¾ c brown rice 163

• Collards 40

• Honey tangerine 73 676

W March 21, 2007

Weight: -6 pounds.

Three weeks to lose one additional pound while trying to do so. Not always measuring, weighing & counting calories (takes forever), but eating mindfully with no days of respite. No one else having the same experience?

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