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Choolaah Indian BBQ - A Cleveland Chain Featuring Fast-Casual Indian Bowls, Curries, Wraps, and Salads - Merrifield

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Enjoyed a good meal at this new fast casual place in Mosaic a few weeks ago. The three of us each got different meats with sides (lentils, etc). The Naan was well made and buttery. I don't recall all the details, but it was hearty and reasonable. Sauces were not too spicy but flavorful and unboring. 

I do recall this weird automatic hand wash contraption thing in the dining room. It was awesome.

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Stopped in here for a light lunch today.  Sister got a cauliflower & chickpea wrap ($7) and I got the lamb meatball wrap ($8) and we split and shared.  Both were tasty, I liked the spicing on the lamb meatballs especially, with nicely blistered naan wraps.  The mint yogurt sauce that I drizzled on the lamb was fine but not a standout.  I wish they had a braised lamb option with the same spicing, or maybe split the meatballs so that you get some with every bite.  Also got a mango lassi (which I've never tried before, btw) and thought it was tasty but too much/too thick as a beverage with a meal.  It seemed more like a dessert smoothie to me.  perhaps if I was eating something with a lot of hot spicing I would appreciate it a lot more.

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