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"Madama Butterfly" (1904) - Giacomo Puccini's Tragedy about Unrequited Love


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On 5/14/2017 at 6:26 PM, Ericandblueboy said:

I had the pre-theater dinner at Marcel's before going to Madame Butterfly at the Kennedy Center.  At $70/pp for 3 courses (I had tortellini, duck confit, and opera cake) and a ride to and from the opera, it seems like a bargain.  The opera was apparently not a bargain - lots of empty seats for Saturday night.  The stage itself was a bit too sparse for my liking.  And when are they going to put in stadium seating like at movie theaters?  I felt like I was in an airline economy seat for 2 hrs.  Apparently 8 years of not going to an opera has made me cranky.

Should've made it Turandot. Hey, I saw the world premiere of M. Butterfly (maybe not *the* world premiere, but during its first run in Feb or Mar, 1988).

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