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Bibibop Asian Grill will open the first of seven Washington-area locations in Bethesda May 22

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I tried the Bethesda location on Friday.  I got a base of noodles and purple rice.  My protein choice was spicy chicken. This was followed by a bunch of toppings, I went with the more traditional choices (I wish I had taken a picture or had some memory of what went in).  After toppings, you choose a dressing.  I went traditional with gochujang (sp?).  Funny thing was that as I watched the bowl move down the line someone came up behind me and told the lady behind the counter to add more corn.  I told him it was my bowl, then when I looked up it was the manager or some sort of corporate guy.  Miso soup is free and self serve.  If you want a side of kimchi, you have to pay, but the bowl by itself was under 8 dollars, which I thought was a good value.

The flavors were all surprisingly really good, it seemed pretty healthy except for the carbs.  I would probably go back, but only if the line for cava is out the door.

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