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Rosenfeld's Jewish Deli, Warren Rosenfeld's Two Outlets in Ocean City and Rehoboth Beach

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On 8/9/2013 at 9:59 AM, KeithA said:

Tried the new Rosenfeld's Jewish Deli at 63rd? street right next to where Coastal Hwy meet Rt 90.  Full disclosure - Warren Rosenfeld the owner is an old acquitance of mine and I wish him the best on the success of having a real Jewish deli in OC. He is a real mensch and deserves it. As his website says it is the only Jewish within a 2 hour drive.  For those familiar with the good, not great deli of Parkway Deli in Silver Spring, this place will be very familiar. The woman who was the old manager of Parkway for years settled down in OC and now is working here too.  We had carryout so things would have probably been better fresh in the restaurant which has a few seats inside (as well as a takeout counter) and a nice outdoor shaded patio with a good number of tables.  We had a very good kasha knish and great whitefish salad (made in store), but the ____'s Guilt sandwich was only so so - it is a non-homemade potato knish split and piled high with corned beef.  Like Parkway, the pastrami and corned beef come from Saval, which can be good as I'm a fan of Parkway, but meat was kind of meh on the sandwich and the knish would have been so much better if it wasn't the square, frozen type you get from a cart in NY (one brand of this style is Gabilla), but a homemade more rounded knish with fresh pastry on the outside (like the kasha knish here). Also, this dish definitely suffered from being carried out and steaming in its box. The other good thing we had was the baltimore-style Coddie (shredded cod fish/maybe salt cod with a bit of seasoning, rolled in bread crumbs and fried). If you've been to 2Amys and had the cod croquettes - this the same idea, but less refined but still declious.  I didn't try sandwich on rye, but the bread looked good and the sandwiches are piled pretty high (three different sizes you can order from - 8, 10 or 12 oz).  They only opened this season, so hopefully they'll work out the kinks and keep serving up good Jewish fare.  Despite the heavy emphasis on the Jewish nature of the deli in its literature - it is NOT kosher, but does have kosher Hebrew National salami and bologna.

Though we were generally operating in the Fish Tales-type space, Rosenfeld's Jewish Deli was easily the best meal had this week.  Two eggs any style (5.95) were perfectly over-easy with a chewy, tangy, dense bagel and potato latkes that contrasted a crisp exterior with fluffy interior.  Sit outside in the morning and watch the Coastal Highway traffic slowly come to life with sea breezes to accompany--this may be the most comfortable and sated you will be all day.  I went back two mornings later, wanting to leave the City on a high note, had a two eggs bagel sandwich (5.95 + 1.00 for Swiss cheese), which performed as well. Coffee came from a very industrial-looking burner but was of pleasantly moderate strength and temperature. The person behind the counter was warm, cared about the business she was getting, and had none of the indifference seen at nearly every other establishment visited. 

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Off season, Rosenfeld's in OC doesn't open until 11am.  I came by in the afternoon and mentioned we'd be eating the bagels I was ordering the next day for breakfast.  The wonderful person behind the counter asked if I wanted the bagels "unbaked," which I guess meant they were parboiled but not finished in the oven.  We popped four in the oven this morning at 350 for 10 minutes and were duly rewarded--just incredible.   Excellent smoked salmon too.  

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